JAIL TIME OVER PELLET RIFLE IN NJ! – PLEASE READ! Anti-Gun Liberals Have Gone Bat Sh*t Crazy!



On April 17th 2014, I, Brett T Duffy, was arrested in Atlantic County, for possession of a pellet gun, which I legally purchased and owned. But NJ treats it as a real firearm only state that does to my knowledge.

I  was near the bay on state property where he believed it was legal to discharge the pellet gun.

I have observed the states 450 feet from buildings law when hinting witch what I was hinting is controlled by game laws.  I was in a legal hunting wildlife zone but the city charge me with shooting in city limits as well which is only a fine, of about $50 to $75

I was only 21 at the time and it truly was simply a youthful mistake I have had no prior record and as a first offense, at most, it should have resulted in a misdemeanor violation and a $50 fine.

However, the Atlantic County Prosecutor eventually charged  me with a felony, third degree gun possession.

This is an obvious case of prosecutorial overreach.  At most, I should have been enrolled in Atlantic County’s Pre-trial intervention program, at the end of the program I would get record expunged.

I am far from a hardened criminal. Even the NJ Fish and Game Officials strongly recommended that the arresting Officer simply charge  me with Discharging a Firearm within City Limits which would have resulted in a $50- 75 Ticket.

New Jersey gun laws are notoriously, overly harsh.

No one should permanently lose their right to self-defense for a simple technical infraction.

At no point did I endanger or threaten anyone.

It is time for New Jersey prosecutors to stop turning minor offenses into felonies.

Raising as much as possible to help get my life back from this mess and to pay legal fees and to help other 2A causes.

You can donate to Brett’s defense fund HERE. Anything will help.

If you can’t help financially, PLEASE show your support by joining the SET BRETT FREE! group on Facebook!

Source: AtlanticCityNews.com

Here is another video story of how stupid these rat bastards can get in New Jersey!