BREAKING: MASSIVE Bribery Scheme EXPOSED In Latest Email Discovery, DNC Leaders TERRIFIED


Explosive! It’s essentially a bribe. That’s what we’re discussing here. It might be legal, it’s probably not entirely above board. But regardless, money is being exchanged and in return favoritism is received.


Depending on how much money the contributor provides, and depending on whether they provide it to the correct location, different amounts of favoritism are doled out in return.

This is what Naomi Aberly, a board member of Planned Parenthood and operative of the Democratic National Committee, explains to Robert Glovsky in a cryptic but blunt fashion in an email marked May 2nd.

Glovsky is a fat cat financial advisor based out of Boston, and is Vice Chair for one of the biggest RIA firms, the Colony Group, in the region.  Aberly relays her message to him in a cryptic, yet blunt, fashion.  She has been sent by top ranking DNC officials to convince Glovsky to donate to a different Democratic fund than he intends to.

“But it is also important to give now if you want anything at convention” Aberly tells him.

 Glovsky is a constant Democratic donor and his FEC contributions prove it.  This isn’t a typical call meant to get someone with cold feet back into the fold.  Glovsky intends to donate enormous sums of money to the Democrats–we’re talking upwards of $30,000.  He knows how the game is played.

Aberly continues: “The DNC can do more for donors than the campaign can – at this point in the cycle for a first term presidential candidate – > You know… I am as up front and straightforward as possible – so there you go.”

To read Brett MacDonald explosive expose’ of the rest of the givers, takers, backstabbers and the rest of the DNC dirt: CLICK HERE!


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DNC Email Leaks Shows Latinos Profiled As “TACO BOWLS!” Are Liberals Leaving The Party Over It?

Only hours before the Democratic National Convention is to convene, this email was found within the Wikileaks email blast sent out on Friday and it comes straight from the DNC.

According to the email, the Democrat National Outreach program to Latinos is called “Taco Bowl Engagement” as seen in the screenshot of one of the hacked emails shown below. You can click on the image or open it in a new tab to enlarge…


From this and other emails released, apparently the Democrats are still as racist as they were when they created the KKK. This is what they think of their Latino supporters. 


The Democrats just revealed to America how they view Latinos — as votes to “mop up.” Furthermore, they showed how they stereotype Latinos by lumping all Latin American nationalities — which could include Cubans, Colombians, Nicaraguans, etc. — into one big Mexican pot. And on top of that, it turns out that the taco bowl isn’t even authentically Mexican anyway. It was invented by the founder of Frito and has been a staple of American high school cafeterias since the 1970’s.

Remember the liberal outrage when Trump celebrated Cinco de Mayo by eating a taco bowl in his office in Trump Tower?


Where is the liberal sense of propriety now? Where is the moral outrage?

Where are the screams?


I guess taco bowls are only racist when Trump eats them, walls are only racist when Trump builds them, and National Security is only facist when Trump talks about it. See a pattern evolving here?

Source: DNC Email 

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The Media Would Be Singing Their Praises! Liberal Love! – Sonja Rogers Malcolm

Please read this amazingly insightful and profound take on the political affectations of the Main Stream Media! This woman should be Donald J Trump’s Press Secretary! Share it, it is too good to keep to yourself!

If a Democratic candidate had beat out 16 other candidates while receiving the most votes of any Democratic candidate in history…the media would be singing their praises…

If a democratic candidate who was a complete outsider in politics and therefore had little to no political base was tied in all the polls with a Republican candidate who had been in the political arena their whole adult life….the media would be singing their praises.

If a Democratic candidate was tied with a Republican candidate while spending ZERO on attack ads compared to $37,000,000 spent by their opponent…the media would be singing their praises.

If a Democratic candidate was married to an immigrant, had Jewish children and Grandchildren…the media would be singing their praises…

If a Democratic candidate had created over 500 successful businesses and employed thousands upon thousands of people of every race, religion, ethnicity and background….the media would be singing their praises.

If a Democratic candidate had financed their own primary campaign and refused to take money from special interest groups and even promised to donate their Presidential salary…the media would be singing their praises…

If a Democratic candidate was planning to lower taxes on 99% of Americans and raise taxes on his own economic group…the media would be singing their praises..

If a Democratic candidate was promising to fix the failed Affordable Healthcare Act and at the same time not leave millions without healthcare…the media would be singing their praises…

If a Democratic candidate was promising to stop the influx of illegal immigration and deport illegals, thereby following the Immigration laws…the media would be singing their praises…

If a Democratic candidate was promising to build a wall and stop possible terrorist from entering the USA…the media would be singing their praises…

If a Democratic candidate was promising to allow parents the right to chose what school their children attend, no matter their economic resources or background..the media would be singing their praises..

If a Democratic candidate was promising to fix the failed VA and provide more funding for our military…the media would be singing their praises…

If a Democratic candidate was promising to rebuild our infrastructure..the media would be singing their praises…

If a Democratic candidate was promising to bring jobs back to the USA thereby putting thousands of Americans back to earning a livable wage…the media would be singing their praises…

If a Democratic candidate was promising to support Law Enforcement who are following the law…the media would be singing their praises…

If a Republican candidate had stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of items from The White House….the media would be screaming…

If a Republican candidate had taken millions of dollars from foreign governments in exchange for uranium, weapons and information…the media would be screaming…

If a Republican candidate had allowed the deaths of four Americans and later shrugged it off and replied ” What, at this point, does it matter.”….the media would be screaming…

If a Republican candidate had promised to raise taxes on all Americans….the media would be screaming..

If a Republican candidate had called a whole group of Americans ” Super predators” and helped write the law that unfairly incarcerated millions of that group of people…the media would be screaming.

If a Republican candidate had put classified information at risk and thereby risking our safety, security and sovereignty…..the media would be screaming.

If a Republican candidate had been involved in hundreds of scandals dating back almost 60 years and continuing even as they run for POTUS…the media would be screaming.

If a Republican candidate had promised to put a whole industry out of work..the media would be screaming.

If a Republican candidate had set up a charitable foundation to funnel illegal donations and bribes…the media would be screaming.

If a Republican candidate had done half of what the current Democratic candidate had done…the media would be screaming.

Moral of the story….

If Donald J. Trump was the Democratic candidate and Hillary Clinton was the Republican candidate…

…the media would be backing Trump!

#TrumpPence16 #MakeAmericaWorkAgain #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

Source: Sonja Rogers Malcolm

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Hillary ‘LOVES’ the idea of appointing Obama to Supreme Court – End Of The World As We Know It!

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton said she “loves” the idea of appointing Barack Obama to the Supreme Court if she’s elected president.

At a campaign event in Iowa, Mrs. Clinton told the crowd the next president may have to appoint up to three Supreme Court justices.

When one attendee mentioned Mr. Obama as a contender, she absolutely lit up with excitement by the recommendation. 

“Wow, what a great idea. No one has ever suggested that to me, I love that, wow,” Mrs. Clinton said. “He may have a few other things to do, but I tell you, that’s a great idea.

“I mean, he’s brilliant, he can set forth an argument and he was a law professor,” she added. “So he’s got all the credentials, but we would have to get a Democratic Senate to get him confirmed. Clinton doubled down on her desire to have Barack Obama on the Supreme Court arguing that it is a “fascinating idea.”

In an interview on CNN’s “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer, Clinton said it “it would be worth the effort” to nominate Obama to the Supreme Court because “he is a brilliant writer [and] he taught constitutional law.”  

Asked if she had “given more thought” to nominating Obama to the Supreme Court, Clinton said, “Well, I have no idea that he’d ever be interested but it was a fascinating idea and if I’m so fortunate enough to be president and get the opportunity to get to fill a Supreme Court vacancy, which I hope I do, then I would certainly talk to him about it. It would be worth the effort. We know he is a brilliant writer, he taught constitutional law so I think it’s worth a try.”


To The LGBT Community – An Open Letter – John Michael Chambers

Dear LGBT,

This LGBT – an open letter, is addressed to all LGBT’s and this includes family members and my LGBT friends throughout the world. Serious threats to your existence are now front and center and will continue to escalate unless something is done. You are a target. This is a time to be a realist and to put politics aside, your life depends on it, think “Pulse”, Orlando.

I must say that I have been a critical thinker for as long as I can remember. As a child I questioned everything even if just silently in my mind. My book Misconceptions and Course Corrections will provide in depth insights as to my views of life and the world in which we live. I would like for you to have a copy of this book. Subscribe here and receive a free digital copy of the book. Read about it here. Let me continue now in this open letter to LGBT.

For many years now I consider myself a political atheist. You see to me it really is a two headed one party system each serving the same master, that being the ruling power elites and the New World Order. Each party has collectively over the years destroyed America for example under Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and Obama. After all America is now a very dangerous and divided nation and the largest debtor nation in the world. The problems we face right now and tomorrow are numerous. If this concept seems unreal to you, I encourage you to explore some of the many blog posts here on this website and the sourced links within each post to help get you up to speed as you do your due diligence. This may be a good starting point for many as well as reading my book Misconceptions and Course Corrections. Before I begin let me make it very clear (as well laid out in my book), that I am neither a homophobe nor Islamaphobe. I have gay and Muslim friends in America and in many other countries that I have traveled to and lived in.

Your Life Is In Danger

It is no secret that radical Islamic terrorists want to hunt down and kill gay men and transgenders, irrefutable fact. I will spare you the images, you have seen them. The punishment for being gay is simply death. They are often hung and some times thrown off of buildings or massacred like in Orlando. It is cheered and celebrated. As far as women are concerned you are not off the hook either as the view and treatment of women straight or lesbian is also horrific as you well know. Witness what is taking place in Europe today as well as on the streets in the U.S. Women are considered property and are ranked perhaps a notch above an animal. You know the drill, you know the details concerning the treatment of women. You are their property. Expect to be enslaved, raped, stoned, beaten and or killed. You are very much a target make no mistake about this. Scare tactic? How about reality on a daily basis staring you in the face.

You Have A Choice To Make…


Searchable Hillary Clinton Email Archive Released – Get It Here! Have Some Fun!

WikiLeaks launched a searchable archive for 30,322 emails & email attachments sent to and from Hillary Clinton’s private email server while she was Secretary of State.

The 50,547 pages of documents span from 30 June 2010 to 12 August 2014. 7,570 of the documents were sent by Hillary Clinton. The emails were made available in the form of thousands of PDFs by the US State Department as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request. The final PDFs were made available on February 29, 2016.

Ready to have some fun? Grab some popcorn!

Bill Clinton Courted The LGBT Vote With A Gay One, Obama Relit The Torch! Anything For Votes!

WASHINGTON — Like other gays, George Beier and John Caner have never known a president who welcomed them as part of America. No president seemed comfortable with their concerns. None openly offered support.

But here comes Bill Clinton. Among many gays and lesbians, his inauguration is being welcomed with quiet joy – a historic watershed with a personal message of acceptance.

“The way Clinton accepts gays and works with them, he’s saying, ‘It’s OK to be who you are,’ and that’s really important,” said Beier, 29. “With Bush it was, ‘It’s OK to be who you are – if you’re like me.’ “

Beier and Caner, a gay California couple, are joining a sizable group of gays and lesbians traveling to Washington for the Inaugural. For the well- connected, there is a whirl of special parties, peaking Inauguration Night when 1,500 lesbians and gays will dance at the first-ever gay inaugural ball.

“To be honest, this is the most important single day that our community has had in many, many years,” said Gregory King of the Human Rights Campaign Fund, one of three sponsoring gay groups. “Bill Clinton has already demonstrated his willingness to include us in his administration, and his hopes for America.”

At least they hope they’re included. Gay groups are a little nervous that Clinton may be easing off from his campaign promise to allow open gays to

serve in the military. That has been hotly controversial among the military, some congressional leaders and the public.

Yet Clinton has continued to reach out. While the gay inaugural ball is not an official Clinton-sponsored event, it is not being relegated to the closet, either. It is listed along with all the other inaugural activities, King said.

George Beier and John Caner won’t be attending the sold-out ball or any event that requires a special ticket. But they don’t care. The Californians plan to shiver on the Capitol grounds with the masses, feeling patriotic, hopeful and finally included.

“Just being on the Capitol lawn and hearing what he has to say is something that I’d really like to share with George,” said Caner, 35. “Our society is so damned cynical, particularly about politics, that it’s great to be able to share in a moment of unabashed joy in our system.”

Unlike presidents before him, Clinton came of age in the first American generation where homosexuals did not generally have to hide – and where the issue of AIDS has started to unmask the breadth of the gay community.

If the AIDS virus today is spreading fastest among heterosexuals and women, gay men still are dying disproportionately. More than 170,000 Americans have died of the disease.

Clinton won Beier’s vote and those of many other gays with an emotional speech last spring. The candidate told a gay audience he was tired of the politics of divisiveness, then emotionally thanked the gay community for its efforts in fighting the AIDS epidemic, caring for the sick, promoting education and working for a cure.

“When we saw the videotape of Clinton’s speech, there were tears in people’s eyes,” Beier remembers. “They really believed, for the first time, that someone was listening to them, that somebody cared. . . . He said thank you to all the people who have been fighting AIDS. It was like, this man is finally giving recognition to this huge struggle that is going on.”

Their inclusion has continued. At Clinton’s invitation, the Lesbian and Gay Band of America will perform on Inauguration Day, and 100 panels from the AIDS memorial quilt will be part of his parade.

“On four separate occasions since 1987 we brought the entire quilt to Washington and put it on the President’s doorstep, and neither President Bush nor President Reagan visited,” said Jim Jones, a spokesman for the NAMES Project. “This time, the (incoming) President . . . has asked us to bring it into the inaugural parade. That fills us with a great deal of hope.”

Gays also talk of keeping expectations in check, knowing the inevitable letdown will come. “We’ve been disappointed before,” Jones says. But for now, like Cinderella, they are just happy to be welcome at their own inaugural ball.

Said Beier, “We’ve come out of our political closet.”

Will Hillary be next torch bearer?


Source: Gays And Lesbians Are Welcomed To The Festivities Clinton Reached Out To Them, And They Have Given Him Support. A Gay Inaugural Ball Is Among The Galas. – philly-archives

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Clinton Says Supreme Court Is ‘Wrong’ on Second Amendment, Promises To Take Care Of ‘Absurd Laws!’ – Leaked Audio


Hillary Clinton slammed the Supreme Court as “wrong on the Second Amendment” and called for reinstating the assault weapons ban during a small private fundraiser in New York. The Clinton fundraiser was hosted at the Greenwich Village home of John Zaccaro, a convicted felon.

“I’m going to speak out, I’m going to do everything I can to rally people against this pernicious, corrupting influence of the NRA and we’re going to do whatever we can,” she said.

Clinton argued that the NRA has “so intimidated elected members of Congress and other legislative bodies that these people are passing the most absurd laws.”

“The idea that you can have an open carry permit with an AK-47 over your shoulder walking up and down the aisles of a supermarket is just despicable,” she said.

The comments earned applause at the closed-door fundraiser, and demonstrate Clinton’s efforts to appeal to progressive donors as she faces a growing challenge from the far-left candidate Bernie Sanders, who has been criticized by some liberal observers for his broad support of gun rights.

The Clinton campaign did not respond to questions about the specific areas where Clinton disagrees with the Supreme Court. However, the Heller ruling is considered the most sweeping and controversial second amendment decision made by the highest court in recent years.

The Supreme Court affirmed that the Second Amendment granted gun rights to individuals whether or not they were members of an organized government militia in 2008. That ruling overturned the District of Columbia’s total ban on ownership of handguns and other strict forms of gun control. It also created the legal precedent that continues to influence all federal court rulings related to Second Amendment cases.

Source:  Washington Free Beacon

CLINTON, SANDERS, KASICH, Refused To Pledge Signing Of The First Amendment Defense Act (FADA)

American Principles Project has joined together with Heritage Action for America, the action arm of the Heritage Foundation, and FRC Action, the legislative affiliate of the Family Research Council, to ask each of the candidates running for President to sign the following pledge:

“If elected, I pledge to push for the passage of the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) and sign it into law during the first 100 days of my term as President.”


So far, four candidates have signed the pledge:

  • Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas)
  • Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida)
  • Dr. Ben Carson
  • Carly Fiorina

Two candidates did not commit to first 100 days:

  • Former Governor Jeb Bush (R-Florida)
  • Donald Trump

Four candidates did not sign the pledge and did not respond to our request to indicate support for FADA:

  • Former Governor Jim Gilmore (R-Virginia)
  • Governor John Kasich (R-Ohio)
  • Former Senator Hillary Clinton (D-New York)
  • Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont)

The text of the letter sent to the candidates requesting support for FADA is below:

The gathering concern around whether or not the Left will succeed in its ongoing efforts to force those who disagree with the Supreme Court’s redefinition of marriage, prompts us to write to you and ask: will you commit to making it a top priority for you to ensure passage of the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) in the first 100 days of your administration?

FADA protects supporters of natural marriage from punishment by the Federal government or its regulatory arms, including the IRS: “the Federal Government shall not take any discriminatory action against a person, wholly or partially on the basis that such person believes or acts in accordance with a religious belief or moral conviction that marriage is or should be recognized as the union of one man and one woman, or that sexual relations are properly reserved to such a marriage.”

It prevents the IRS from issuing regulations denying tax-exempt status to charities or schools that support natural marriage, and forbids the Federal government from discriminating against them in contracts, loans, licensing, accreditation or employment.

It prevents Federal discrimination against individuals, employers and other organizations that continue to act in accordance with a belief in natural marriage, while specifically guaranteeing conscience protections will not also be used to disrupt benefits to which people are legally entitled.

Serious scholars suggest religious schools should expect to be punished by the withholding of federal funds under current law if they do not treat same-sex unions as marriages. “It seems to me very likely that, in the coming years, schools and universities that accept public funds and support will be required—as a condition of those funds—to have nondiscrimination rules that forbid discrimination on sexual-orientation grounds,”

One such scholar, a professor who oversees the Program on Church, State & Society at Notre Dame’s law school, told The Atlantic. “And, these rules will not distinguish between sexual-orientation discrimination and non-recognition of same-sex marriages.”

The second most powerful Democratic Senator has publicly stated he’s not sure whether such schools should be stripped of their tax-exempt status. When theWeekly Standard asked, “should religious protections extend beyond houses of worship to, say, religious schools that require employees to affirm their faith’s teaching about marriage?” Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois responded: “Getting into a challenging area, and I don’t have a quick answer to you. I’ll have to think about it long and hard.”

Many Americans, particularly African-American Christians like Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran, are losing their livelihoods, at least in part because they privately support natural marriage.

When no less a distinguished legal expert than the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, John Roberts, has pointed to the serious religious liberty consequences that may stem from the Court’s redefinition of marriage, it is time to take the need for new conscience protections seriously. “Today’s decision . . . creates serious questions about religious liberty . . . Indeed the Solicitor General candidly acknowledged that the tax exemptions of some religious institutions would be in question if they opposed same-sex marriage,” wrote Chief Justice Roberts.

Millions of Americans can disagree over the definition of marriage, however, it is essential that the millions of Americans who support natural marriage are not punished by the Federal government for their support for marriage as it has been understood for millennia.

We ask, therefore, for your public assurance that you would prioritize passing the First Amendment Defense Act in the first 100 days of your administration.


Source: American Principles Project

Despite LGBT Backlash Caitlyn Doubles Down on Ted Cruz, Slams Hillary Clinton


Caitlyn Jenner is receiving massive backlash from the LGBTQ community after she said she would like to be Ted Cruz‘s ‘trans ambassador’.

Many people took to social media to blast the reality show star over her political endorsement.

“I’ve unfollowed @IAmCait and @Caitlyn_Jenner As a woman who loves and respects women, I feel duped and disrespected,” wrote one user on Twitter.

Added another commenter: “She isn’t doing anything to advance LGBT politically.”

Furious: People took to Twitter to voice their outrage at the former Olympian’s remarks this week…

The transgender icon and former Olympian reiterated that she backed Cruz and made the ‘ambassador’ comment in an interview on Wednesday.

‘I like Ted Cruz,’ Jenner told the . ‘I think he’s very conservative, and a great constitutionalist, and a very articulate man.’Advocate

Were Cruz to be elected president, Jenner would like to be appointed ‘trans ambassador to the president of the United States.’

Caitlyn Jenner said that fiscal conservatism is well suited to help transgender Americans.

Jenner reveals she met Cruz prior to her transition, more than a year ago, “and he was very nice.”

“Wouldn’t it be great, let’s say he goes on to be president,” she tells me in relating a conversation on the tour bus. “And I have all my girls on a trans issues board to advise him on making decisions when it comes to trans issues. Isn’t that a good idea?” she asked me.

“You’re going to be Ted Cruz’s trans ambassador?”

“Yes, trans ambassador to the president of the United States, so we can say, ‘Ted, love what you’re doing but here’s what’s going on.’”

She wasn’t joking.

Despite her warm feelings for Cruz, Jenner, 66, didn’t formally endorse the Texas senator for president, saying ‘he’s an evangelical Christian, and probably one of the worst ones when it comes to trans issues.’

While the Democrats are ‘better’ when it comes to social issues, Jenner thinks the GOP fiscal conservatism is more suited to serve transgender Americans.

And now she has opened fire on Hillary Clinton, ‘I’m open. We need both sides and if we’re unfortunate enough get Hilary as our next President, we need her on our side. Although she won’t be. She couldn’t care less about women. She cares about herself.’

Ted Cruz has repeatedly questioned the rights of transgender Americans in his interviews and speeches

Earlier this week, at a campaign event in Spirit Lake, Ted Cruz went on a familiar tirade against the Obama Administration and the Department of Education for their decision to support equal treatment for transgender students. He told attendees that it would be better to “inflict” a transgender student on a faculty restroom than let them use student facilities. He of course also used one of his favorite lines: “my five year-old… knows there’s a difference between boys and girls.”
Cruz, who is currently surging amongst the evangelical right, is proudly racking up a host of endorsements from some of the nation’s most hateful and bigoted organizations and people. So far he’s been endorsed by the National Organization for Marriage and the leader of Iowa’s worst anti-LGBT group, the Family Leader, ultra-conservative Iowa Congressman Steve King, and Sandy Rios of the American Family Association – an organization that has been classified a hate-group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Jenner still stands by her commitment…
‘If we don’t have a country, we don’t have trans issues,’ said Jenner, who is a former decathlete and announced her transition from male to female in 2015.
‘We need jobs. We need a vibrant economy. I want every trans person to have a job. With $19 trillion in debt and it keeps going up, we’re spending money we don’t have.’

‘Eventually, it’s going to end. And I don’t want to see that. Socialism did not build this country. Capitalism did. Free enterprise. The people built it. And they need to be given the opportunity to build it back up.’

While Cruz and Jenner might agree in their belief in a deregulated economy, Jenner picked an unlikely companion in her fight for trans justice.

Cruz has questioned transgender rights on several occasions during his campaign for the 2016 GOP nomination.

On yesterday’s Today show, Jenner said, “I sit on the Republican side, and when we do get a candidate, I certainly will talk to them. I admit that the Democrats, as far as trans issues, are better than the Republicans.”

Source: Daily Mail Online