680,000 Muslims To U.S. Under Obama – Just The Beginning, Get The Facts Here!

The U.S. issued 680,000 green cards to migrants from Muslim-majority countries in the five-year period encompassing 2009 through 2013, according to Department of Homeland Security data.


This Islamic “invasion,” as some are calling it, occurred on the Obama administration’s watch, with plans for 10,000 Syrian Muslims grabbing much of the headlines. But the actual number is many times higher with a refugee program that is rooted in the 1980s and has the support of both parties.

The U.S. has brought in more than 1.5 million Muslims through the refugee program since the passage of the Refugee Act of 1980. They have been coming from Islamic states with active jihadist movements such as Somalia, Bangladesh, Burma, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Bosnia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

To put this five-year tally – 680,000 – in context, it surpasses the total population of Washington, D.C., which is 660,000.

Yet, the Gang of Eight immigration “reform” bill co-sponsored by GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio would have tripled the number of green cards being issued.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala.

The data was released by Sen. Jeff Session, R-Ala., who serves on four Senate committees: Armed Services, Budget, Environment and Public Works, and Judiciary, where he is chairman of the Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest.

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Among those receiving green cards are foreign nationals admitted to the United States as refugees. Within one year, they must apply for lawful permanent resident status, also referred to as a green card, and are placed on a fast track to full citizenship, which is obtainable within five years.

Refugees, which are hand-picked by the United Nations for resettlement in more than 180 U.S. cities and towns, have instant access to federal welfare and entitlements, along with local benefits and education services. These costs are not offset.

The 680,000 number is not an estimate of total migration, as it does not include temporary migrants who return home, nor is it an estimate of population change, as it does not include births or deaths, among other considerations.

There is no official tally of the Muslim population in America because the Census does not track religious affiliation. The estimates range from 2.8 million by Pew Research based on a 2011 study and 7 million as estimated by the Council for American-Islamic Relations.

“Whatever the exact level, it can hardly be considered surprising that as the Muslim population in the country has expanded, so has the incidence of radicalism,” wrote Ian Tuttle in an article for National Review titled “The Troubling Math of Muslim Immigration.”

In fact, many of the recent terrorist attacks on U.S. soil have been carried out by Muslim immigrants, including the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 and the Chattanooga shooting earlier this year.

Sessions’ immigration subcommittee has documented 72 cases of Muslim suspects carrying out attacks or attempted attacks over the past year. He believes all of them are either foreign-born Muslim immigrants or their offspring and has asked the Obama administration to clarify their immigration histories, but the administration has ignored the request.

Rubio’s stance on Muslim immigration

Rubio told Fox News host Sean Hannity earlier this week that he would not use Congress’ power of the purse to shut off funding for the refugee program.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.

Rubio said he’d prefer Speaker Paul Ryan’s plan, which would allow the Obama administration to continue on its resettlement binge – bringing in 85,000 refugees this year, up from 70,000 annually in recent years.

Obama wants to increase the number of refugees coming to the U.S. to 100,000 in 2017. More than half of these refugees will come from Muslim-dominated countries with active jihadist movements.

Policy is bigger than just Obama administration

Assuming no change in visa policy, the U.S. can expect to give green cards to another 680,000 migrants from these countries over the next five years. A green card entitles recipients to access federal benefits, lifetime residency, work authorization and a direct route to becoming a U.S. citizen.

The numbers could be higher still: Census Bureau data shows migration from the Middle East to be one of the fastest-growing categories. If left in place, Obama’s refugee plan would substantially boost the annual number of migrants from this region admitted to the U.S. who, in turn, would be able to petition for their overseas relatives to join them in America. Refugees and asylees from Iraq, Somalia and Iran alone accounted for 124,000 Muslim immigrants from 2009 through 2013.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the foreign-born population in the United States is at a record 41.3 million. One-quarter of the U.S. population is now either foreign-born or has foreign-born parents.

The Census Bureau projects the percentage of the population born outside the country will soon pass the highest percentage ever recorded and continue rising to new all-time records never before witnessed – unless Congress passes a law to reduce green card allotments.

“Without such changes, the Census Bureau projects that, for each coming year the total number of immigrants in the United States will increase, the annual rate of immigrant admissions will increase, and the foreign-born share of the population will increase,” according to a statement from Sessions office.

“Pew polling data shows that 83 percent of the public (across all parties) opposes this growth baseline and believes the level of immigration should either be frozen or reduced,” Sessions’ statement said. “By a nearly 10-1 margin, Americans of all backgrounds are united in their shared belief that companies with positions to fill should raise wages instead of bringing in new lower-wage labor from abroad. And yet, despite this, the Senate’s Gang of Eight bill would have tripled the issuance of green cards over the next decade, and this year’s I-Squared bill would substantially increase both low-wage guest-worker admissions and green card allotments – all on top of the existing record-breaking and unprecedented growth in future immigration.”

Green Card Totals, FY09-FY13

Pakistan (83K), Iraq (83K), Bangladesh (75K), Iran (73K), Egypt (45K), Somalia (31K), Uzbekistan (24K), Turkey (22K), Morocco (22K), Jordan (20K), Albania (20K), Lebanon (16K), Yemen (16K), Indonesia (15K), Syria (14K), Sudan (13K), Afghanistan (11K), Sierra Leone (10K), Guinea (8K), Senegal (7K), Saudi Arabia (7K), Algeria (7K), Kazakhstan (7K), Kuwait (5K), Gambia (5K), United Arab Emirates (4K), Azerbaijan (4K), Mali (3K), Burkina Faso (3K), Kyrgyzstan (3K), Kosovo (3K), Mauritania (2K), Tunisia (2K), Tajikistan (2K), Libya (2K), Turkmenistan (1K), Qatar (1K), Chad (1K)

[Note: These are the specific DHS green card totals during this time range for Muslim-majority countries which sent at least one-thousand or more migrants, and include any refugees or asylees who adjusted to LPR status.]

Source: ‘WND

Put Away The Tin Foil, Here’s the REAL Story On The Russian Bombers Off Our West Coast, and It’s Not Good…


Remember those multiple ocurrances of Russian “bombers” that came within 50 miles of out Western Coast, that we took no apparent action against?

How about the earthquake “swarms” that have been taking place in that half of the country, supposed caused by “fracking?”

Quite possibly the end of the world as we know it?

Well, it appears they are connected, and our Government totally lied to us again about what was going on. They were in on the mysterious Soviet “invasion or our airspace” incident.

A grim report prepared by Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force Lieutenant-General Viktor Bondarev on the just completed scientific mission of North America carried out by 4 Tupolev Tu-95 strategic aircraft and 2 Ilyushin Il-78 aerial refueling tankers that “electronically swept” for “magnetic anomalies” from Alaska to California warns that a “catastrophic event” may be nearing for this region.

US officials, it should be noted, characterized this purely scientific mission as a “bombing run” that came within 50 miles of California, but which their Air Forces were able to repel by their launching of F-15 fighter jets.

This report, however, states that this scientific mission was necessitated by a “severe mysterious magnetic anomaly” detected by the Kosmos 2473 satellite on 3 June occurring in the Yellowstone region of the Western United States which resulted in what is called an “earthquake swarm.”

Most important to note about the 3 June Yellowstone “magnetic anomaly”, this report continues, are that satellite measurements show it being precipitated by the mysterious earthquake swarm hitting the Brooks Range mountains in Alaska, and which seismologists are still at a loss to explain.

The information relating to the linking of these two “events”, this report says, was further verified by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) magnetic anomaly maps and data for North America showing a strange magnetic “disturbance/ripple” emanating from Brooks Range and ending at Yellowstone on 3 June, both of these areas, it is important to note, being part of the Rocky Mountains that stretch more than 4,830 km (3,000 miles) from the northernmost part of British Columbia, in western Canada, to New Mexico, in the southwestern United States.

Of grave concern to Russian military authorities relating to these “events”, General Bondarev says in his report, was the “catastrophic effect” they had on the advanced “magnetoceptioninertial navigation systems employed by many US-NATO-Russian warplanes which use these highly sophisticated aircraft flight devices.

Though no Russia military aircraft were near the “disturbed magnetic zone” emanating our from Yellowstone on 3 June, this report says, two US military aircraft were at its “boundaries” in the Southern California region on 4 June while this “event” was still “active” causing them both to crash.

The two US fighter jets crashing on 4 June, this report continues, were identified as a US Navy F-A-183 that went down when the pilot was attempting to land aboard the carrier Carl Vinson, and a US Marine Harrier AV-8B jet that crashed into a residential community in Imperial, about 90 miles east of San Diego, both of them occurring within hours of each other.

This report notes that no civilian aircraft would have been affected by this “magnetic anomaly” as only the most advanced military aircraft employ these “geomagnetic-satellite” coordinated flight systems which enable them to “hug the terrain” not unlike the magnetic systems used by birds and insects to navigate.

Russian concerns relating to “magnetic anomalies”, it is important to note, are related to the rapidly shifting north magnetic pole which since 2005 has been moving at a rate of 40 kilometers (25 miles) a year from Arctic Canada toward Siberia.

Frightening independent research from last year (2013) further warns that this shift is still picking up speed and according to this researcher should reach Siberia in at least within 2 years. [See video HERE(banned in US)]

One of the effects of the rapidly shifting magnetic north pole being noticed the most, this report notes, are the airport runway systems being disrupted because of it, and as we can read one such 2011 example which occurred in the US:

“Tampa International Airport was forced to readjust its runways Thursday to account for the movement of the Earth’s magnetic fields, information that pilots rely upon to navigate planes. Thanks to the fluctuations in the force, the airport has closed its primary runway until Jan. 13 to change taxiway signs to account for the shift, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

The poles are generated by movements within the Earth’s inner and outer cores, though the exact process isn’t exactly understood. They’re also constantly in flux, moving a few degrees every year, but the changes are almost never of such a magnitude that runways require adjusting, said Paul Takemoto, a spokesman for the FAA.”

The most chilling aspects of General Bondarev’s report relating to these “events” are the equations he uses in postulating that what is now occurring in North America with these “mysterious magnetic anomalies” occurring over a large expanse of the Rocky Mountains, and when combined with the rapidly shifting magnetic north pole and growing evidence of global climate change, give “huge credibility” to what is called “The Expanding Earth Theory”.

The expanding Earth or growing Earth hypothesis asserts that the position and relative movement of continents is at least partially due to the volume of Earth increasing and stands in contrast to that of plate tectonics, but which new findings relating to “aether theories” and dark matter, General Bondarev summarizes, means “grave consideration” must be given to the words of University of California, Davis, cosmologist Dr. Andreas Albrecht who warned: “We’ve hit some really profound problems with cosmology Ð with dark matter and dark energy, that tells us we have to rethink fundamental physics and try something new.

Or in simple terms, this report ends, “We may be on the verge of a catastrophic North American “event” that could possibly change the world forever, we should be prepared.”

And besides the fault lines running up and down the West coast, here is the primary concern, the Yellowstone Supervolcano!

Yellowstone National Park is actually an active supervolcano? Yes, it is, and it is HUGE!

As you walk around the park you may think: “I don’t see any volcanos?!” That’s because much of the entire park is a volcano – and the bubbling geysers and hot springs are an indication of the churning activity below the surface.

Yellowstone Supervolcano

The term “supervolcano” implies an eruption of magnitude 8 on the Volcano Explosivity Index, indicating an eruption of more than 1,000 cubic kilometers (250 cubic miles) of magma. Yellowstone has had at least three such eruptions: The three eruptions, 2.1 million years ago, 1.2 million years ago and 640,000 years ago, were about 6,000, 700 and 2,500 times larger than the May 18, 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens in Washington State.

Yellowstone Caldera

Map of Yellowstone Calderas

The last time the Yellowstone supervolcano erupted was 640,000+ years ago. The Yellowstone eruption area collapsed upon itself, creating a sunken giant crater or caldera 1,500 square miles in area. The magmatic heat powering that eruption (and two others, dating back 2.1 million years) still powers the park’s famous geysers, hot springs, fumaroles, and mud pots.

Here’s the kicker, recent discoveries have shown us that Yellowstone’s magma reserves are many magnitudes greater than previously thought, say scientists from the University of Utah.

Underneath the national park’s attractions and walking paths is enough hot rock to fill the Grand Canyon nearly 14 times over. Most of it is in a newly discovered magma reservoir, which the scientists featured in a study published on Thursday in the journal Science.

It may help scientists better understand why Yellowstone’s previous eruptions, in prehistoric times, were some of Earth’s largest explosions in the last few million years.

Even if the next explosion is many thousands of years away, Yellowstone’s cavernous heat tanks poke up an occasionally surprise. The last lava flow was some 70,000 years ago, USGS says.

But more recently in 2003, ground temperatures rose high enough to dry out geysers and boil the sap in some trees. A few inches under the surface, thermometers recorded a temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit — nearly hot enough to boil water.

So, national park authorities closed Yellowstone to keep people from burning their feet — or basting their tires on melting roads.

Beneath the spectacular beauty of Yellowstone National Park lies a ticking time bomb, a supervolcano that’s overdue for its next eruption. When that day inevitably comes, it will trigger the end of civilization as we know it. See how recent earthquake swarms and other signals of activity have put scientists on high alert for a large-scale super volcanic eruption. Then, witness the worldwide effects of this cataclysmic eruption, which experts predict will produce energy equivalent to the detonation of 1,000 nuclear bombs.

What’s the catch to this story? Here’s where it gets not good!

It appears that the Russians had ulterior motives in using their equipment to help study this and share the information.

The Russian president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems outlined two geophysically weak US regions to attack in order to combat NATO’s aggression toward Russia.

In his article, Konstantin Sivkov justifies the option of “complete destruction of the enemy” because NATO has been “moving to the borders or Russia.”

Sivkov, listed as a “Docter of Military Sciences,” described scenarios that involved dropping a nuclear weapon near Yellowstone’s supervolcano or the San Andreas Fault.


Source: Russia Issues Grim Report On North American Magnetic Anomaly | EUTimes.net

Source: Yellowstone Volcano & Supervolcano

Source: Yellowstone Supervolcano | Smithsonian Channel

Source: Magma expanse under Yellowstone supervolcano more vast – CNN.com

The Russian president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems outlined two geophysically weak US regions to attack in order to combat NATO’s aggression toward Russia.

In his article, Konstantin Sivkov justifies the option of “complete destruction of the enemy” because NATO has been “moving to the borders or Russia.”

Sivkov, listed as a “Docter of Military Sciences,” described scenarios that involved dropping a nuclear weapon near Yellowstone’s supervolcano or the San Andreas Fault.

Catalyze the eruption of Yellowstone’s supervolcano


In the past 2.1 million years, Yellowstone’s volcano has violently erupted three times and “blanketed parts of the North American continent with ash and debris,” according to the US Geological Survey.

Some scientists argue that Yellowstone’s active supervolcano is long overdue for a colossal eruption.

“Geologists believe that the Yellowstone supervolcano could explode at any moment. There are signs of growing activity there. Therefore it suffices to push the relatively small, for example the impact of the munition megaton class to initiate an eruption. The consequences will be catastrophic for the United States, a country just disappears,” he said, according to atranslation by Sydney Morning Herald.

Triggering the Yellowstone Caldera, which hasn't erupted in 640,000 years, would spread ash across the country. Above, a map from the United States Geological Survey predicts the amount of ash from the blast

According to a Discovery Channel Documentary, an eruption of this magnitude would bury North America, drape the atmosphere in a sulfur haze, dim sunlight, and plunge the world into a volcanic winter.

Trigger a mega tsunami to ruin America’s infrastructure

mega tsunami

Another option would be to drop a nuclear bomb near California’s San Andreas Fault. “A detonation of a nuclear weapon there can trigger catastrophic events like a coast-scale tsunami which can completely destroy the infrastructure of the United States,” he said, according to the Sydney Morning Herald’s translation.

Putin Once Casually Said He Could Destroy America In A Half-Hour

Putin hosted a lavish banquet at New Century, Moscow’s richest equestrian club, for members of the Valdai Club and distinguished academics and journalists from around the world.

Putin addressed his guests on topics ranging from the “Russian government’s loss of public trust to his own indispensable leadership.”

He later directed his focus on the US and addressed the Americans in attendance, “You ask me whether we are going to change,” he said. “The ball is in your court. Will you change?”

He went on to express his disapproval of US plans to build a missile-defense system that he believed would pose a deliberate threat to Russia’s national security.

Putin then added that the only reason the US had any interest in relations with Moscow was that Russia was the only country that could “destroy America in half an hour or less.”

Schoen and Kaylan conclude, “It would be a difficult to find a statement more revealing about Putin’s true position regarding the United States.”

The Largest Nuclear Bomb Ever: 

Russian Tsar Bomba

Nuclear Weapons: A Time-Lapse History in 4 Minutes…

Striving for Armageddon–The Increasing Danger of a Possible Nuclear World Extinction

“The fact of the matter is that it is completely impossible to fight and win a nuclear war because the effects of nuclear weapons are so large and so indiscriminate that the only possible outcome of any strategy would be indistinguishable from attacks aimed at killing as many people as possible. It doesn’t matter what your strategy is, if you use these things that’s the outcome.”

Professor Ted Postol, Professor Emeritus of Science, Technology, and National Security Policy at MIT. [From the MIT Science, Technology and Global Security Working Group page: Prior to coming to MIT in 1989, he worked as an analyst at the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment and as a science and policy advisor to the Chief of Naval Operations. He has received the American Physical Society’s Leo Szilard Award in 1990 for “incisive technical analysis of national security issues that have been vital for informing the public policy debate” and the Hilliard Roderick Prize in Science, Arms Control, and International Security from the American Association for the Advancement of Science for “outstanding contributions that advance our understanding of issues related to arms control and international security.” In 2001 he received the Norbert Wiener Prize from Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility for uncovering numerous and important false claims about missile defenses and in 2005 was awarded the Whistleblower Award by the Federation of German Scientists and the German Section of the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms. His current research includes work on ballistic missile defense technologies, fraud in the U.S. missile defense program, and reducing nuclear dangers in South Asia as well as those due to the deteriorating Russian nuclear infrastructure.

Introducing  Professor Ted Postol:

Slide show included in text below.

The question I am raising today is whether or not the danger of an accidental nuclear war between The United States and Russia is higher today than it was at most times during the Cold War. The answer to this question is unknowable using quantitative means, but I believe the information we have points strongly to the conclusion that the danger of nuclear war is now considerably higher than it was during most of the time we now call the Cold War.

The reasons for this are both immediate and historic. If we are to be able to reduce the chances of an event that could well result in the complete destruction of the world we know, we need to confront and understand why we are now in our current predicament so we can begin to find ways to back away from this brink.

Although I will focus here on the technical aspects of this dangerous situation, the circumstances that have led to it have both political and technical dimensions.

On the political side, the relationship between Russia and the United States is spiraling downward creating tensions that are higher than at most times during the Cold War. A large part of this downward spiral is due to the unwise Russian reaction to what has certainly been a much more unwise 25 year long period of hostile US actions towards Russia.

Basically, the United States has treated Russia like a defeated and reviled foe during this 25 year period—and I have many personal experiences I could share with the audience on this. Although the analogy is far from perfect, it is as if the mistakes that are widely ascribed to the Treaty of Versailles after the end of the First World War have been repeated as if there is no memory of the consequences.

In addition, US and Western diplomacy has treated legitimate Russian concerns about security in the area they call the “near Russia” region (or “near Russia” zone) as if none of Russian concerns have any merit.

If you disagree with this assessment—and I know a lot of people who do, partly because of the circles I move in—consider how the United States would react if Russia mounted a major effort to influence the domestic politics of Panama, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Mexico by forming military alliances that were accompanied by commitments to sell arms and to provide military support to the governments of these countries.

There are experts who have a far better knowledge of the political ins and outs of Russia’s relationship with the West than I do, and since I am a technical expert I want to focus on the technical problems that clearly and unambiguously greatly increase the chances of an accidental war that could lead to the US and Russian central strategic nuclear forces becoming engaged. So this is where I will focus my basic remarks.

First of all, I need to make it clear to everyone in this audience that the Russians have an extremely fragile early warning system. Unlike the United States, they have been unable to build a working space-based early warning system. They simply do not have one.

The lack of a capable Russian early warning system is one of the greatest dangers to the United States. You don’t have to be worried about Russia—you ought to worry about the United States. Yet the US government—and I have had many, fruitless attempts to try to get this matter addressed—has done nothing at all to think about the ways to address this problem. In fact the US government has mostly spent its effort, at least during the Clinton Administration—now they don’t even think about it—making believe that they were doing something about it, when in fact they weren’t. And I have lots of proof of that.

The ability to see the launch of ballistic missiles from space makes it possible to have the longest warning time of ballistic missile attack that is possible. It is a general misconception that the extra warning time, provided by these space-based early warning systems, is the most important contribution to US security that these systems provide. This is actually not the case.

The most important contribution of space-based early warning systems is general information about the launch of ballistic missiles on the global scale.

The only country in the world that has some capability to destroy parts of US nuclear strike systems is Russia. Any attack from Russia aimed at destroying, or trying to destroy, US counter strike capability would have to be executed as a massive coordinated strike. Our current space-based infrared systems would make it possible,within less than a minute, to know whether or not such a strike is underway. So basically it’s situational awareness.

Since the Russians have no space-based early warning system, they can only observe events with radars. And the Russians have worked very hard on their radar early warning system.

Radars are limited to line-of-sight.

Since the Earth is round, line-of-sight limits severely constrain what these radars can see. That is, the line-of-sight limitation does not allow the radars to see events that occur below the earth horizon. This was exactly the limitation that led to a false alert of the Russian early warning system in 1995. [See “False alarm, nuclear danger – The radar and satellite networks meant to warn Russia of the imminence of a missile attack are breaking down, heightening the risk of accidental nuclear war,” by Geoffrey Forden, Pavel Podvig and Theodore A. Postol, IEEE Spectrum, March 2000, V37, Number 3.]

The character of that false alert made it appear that the United States might have been making a nuclear precursor attack against Russia. At the time of this potential precursor attack, there was no tension between Russia and the United States. However, because the Russians could not see over the horizon, they had to guess that what they were observing was not what it appeared to be.

If such an event occurred today, especially if there were an intensified crisis over the Crimea, Ukraine, Georgia, or whatever, the assessment of Russian military and political leaders that no attack was underway would be much more difficult to settle on.

Making matters worse, the United States Nuclear Forces Modernization Program has been doing everything possible to increase the killing power of US nuclear warheads against Russian land-based ballistic missiles and command centers. [See: “U.S. Nuclear Modernization Programs,” Arms Control Association, January 2014; and “U.S. Strategic Nuclear Forces: Background, Developments, and Issues,” March 18, 2015, archived at Congressional Research Service Reports on Nuclear Weapons, Federation of American Scientists]

One can be sure that the Russian military is closely following this US technical effort. In fact I have had direct communications with a former chief of the general staff of the Russian strategic rocket forces, directly confirming that there is an active area of research and monitoring by Russian military analysts. This, of course, is absolutely of no surprise.

The products of these analyses are certainly sent up to the highest levels of Russian government. In particular, Russia now has a leader who has a very substantial background in security matters. Whether or not one dislikes or admires Mr. Putin, it is undeniable that he has an extensive interest and concerns in Russia’s security posture.

As such, it would be the height of folly to think that he is not fully apprised of thevulnerabilities in Russia’s early warning system.

This should not make us feel comfortable.

So we now have a situation where the political relationship has spiraled downward, the US relentless preoccupation with building nuclear war fighting machines is well analyzed and understood by the Russian political leadership, and the Russian early warning system is wholly inadequate for providing the kind of reliable and unambiguous data that could assure Russian political leadership that they are not under attack in certain ambiguous situations.

Hence, I conclude that the chances of an accident that could lead to the launch of Russian nuclear forces is now at least as likely as it was during the Cold War, and in my view, it is probably higher than it was during most, although not all, of the time we call the Cold War.

I would like to finish this discussion by changing direction a bit, and show you how US and Russian nuclear war planners see the world relative to the actual realities. This is of vital importance that I think all of you should understand.

The US is striving for greater accuracy in delivering nuclear warheads. The question a reasonable person might ask is, Why? These weapons are so destructive.

The first problem is that nuclear war fighters treat nuclear weapons as if they are instruments of conventional warfare that can be used in scaled up versions of conventional wars.

This conventionalization of nuclear war planning is a product of the Cold War and is still being pursued by the technical efforts within the United States, and with less success, but with energy, within Russia as well. It is derived from a profoundly false belief that a nuclear war would have military objectives no different from that of a conventional war.

In conventional warfare each adversary tries to take advantage of confusion and chaos to isolate and destroy an enemy’s forces piece by piece. By concentrating superior forces against weaker enemy forces, one can destroy the enemy forces so quickly that they cannot do nearly as much damage in return. So you really want to isolate the force and just chomp them up.

In order to achieve this goal when fighting an adversary who is roughly the same size and capability, military planners try to find ways to concentrate their forces so that they can locally have numerical and firepower superiority. In order to do this, it is critical to be able to disrupt or destroy an enemy’s command structure, communications, and mobility. This is generally achieved by attacking command and control nodes, bridges, railheads, and the like.

If this goal is achieved, it is then possible for a skillfully commanded military force to take advantage of the chaos and disorder so as to crush an equally capable enemy force by destroying it piece by piece.

Could I please have the first slide, please?

Warfighting Attack Plan - Targets and Lethal Ranges Against ``Urban-Industrial,'' ``Command,'' and ``Leadership'' Targets

Let me show you what a Russian nuclear war-fighting plan might look like, which is simply a mirror of US nuclear war plans. This is a notional plan. This is by no means real. Although it could be certainly real and worse.

This slide shows how a nuclear war fighter might think about a target area like New York City. The war fighter would first identify targets that are important for paralyzing the enemy’s ability to fight. These targets would include bridges, communication centers, railheads, political and military leadership and command centers.

What the planner would do is to identify these targets they want to destroy. Bear in mind they’re thinking of these weapons like they are conventional instruments of conventional war. Particular targets can be very hard to blast if you’re talking about destroying them physically in terms of just breaking them up into pieces. You may not need to do that but that’s what the planners think in terms of.

So for example if you had some port facilities here you might put a nuclear weapon on this port facility because docks, dock facilities require tremendous amounts of over-pressure—blast pressure—to destroy them.

You might have a Command Center under the World Trade Center; you see that little circle there shows the lethal range from the point of view of the war planner because this shelter is underneath the Trade Center and you need to bring tremendous amounts of blast to collapse the internal structure. I’m not saying this is realistic, I’m just telling you…

Then you have all these bridges—the bridges of course are points where mobility would allow your enemy to move forces in some kind of fictitious conventional war. You might have a railhead, for example, at Grand Central Station. You might have a political leadership target at Gracie Manor. And so on.

So you could have a whole bunch of targets that you could well find you need to service (in the words of the way the nuclear planners think) relative to the situation we actually face.

Within the mythology of nuclear war fighting, the elimination of these targets would reduce the enemy’s ability to move equipment, communicate, coordinate, so you can basically eliminate their ability to fight back.

The net result is that many additional warheads need to be targeted for redundancy since some of the number of warheads can be expected to fail during flight. All in all it is easy to see how a large number of warheads could be needed. Basically you need to destroy these targets, they’re very hard. And also you need to assure that they’re destroyed which means you have to have redundancy.

This is why targets need to be specifically identified and often attacked with individual nuclear weapons. In the case of targets that are very hard, individual weapons need to be targeted on each installation of concern.

To give you a concrete example that is anchored in history, Hiroshima was destroyed by a single nuclear weapon that had a yield of roughly 12.5 kilotons. In 1960, George Kistiakowsky (who was then a science advisor to President Eisenhower) went out to Strategic Air Command and looked at what they were doing. One of the things he did was he asked for information about how the US was targeting a Russian city that was about the size as Hiroshima, just to get an example.

At that time the nuclear war plans called for a single 4.5 megaton bomb followed by three 1.1 megaton bombs for the attack on this Hiroshima-size city.

To put this in perspective, they committed 7,500 kilotons to an attack on a city that had been destroyed only 15 years earlier by a single 12.5 kiloton weapon (600 times more ordnance). That’s where the idea of overkill begins to make sense.

Now part of the rationale for all the extra ordnance, was to gain assuredness that the target would be hit by at least several of these nuclear weapons.

Another part of the rationale was to assure that each of the individual targets of interest within the city were adequately damaged. Having a high damage level is an extremely important part of nuclear war planning psychology. This leads to these very large numbers. The next slide is aimed at showing the actual physical scale of events.

How Small Are the Miss Distances Achieved by the Trident II Ballistic Missile? How Do These Miss Distances Compare with the Lethal Distances Achieved by Modern Nuclear Weapons?

In order to get a sense of the reality of the situation, I have put together a diagram—you’ll see this (probably Steven will show the same one)—I chose an 800 kilton warhead because Steven Starr, wisely, chose a warhead that is standard in the Russian arsenal. [See: “What would happen if an 800-kiloton nuclear warhead detonated above midtown Manhattan?” by Steven Starr, Lynn Eden, Theodore A. Postol, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist, February 25, 2015] And basically the scale is about a mile. Steven will be giving a talk on nuclear weapons effects later, so all I want to illustrate here is scale.

Notice here—these lines show you the accuracy—the upper line shows you the accuracy that’s currently achievable with US Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles (SLBMs)—it’s a circle of diameter about 600 feet. They are working very hard to get down to a circle of about 400 feet with the nuclear modernization program.

Approximately One Second After the Detonation of an 800 kt Nuclear Weapon

The next slide shows the fireball from a nuclear explosion. The fireball from an 800 kiloton warhead is simply a bubble of superheated air created by the energy initially deposited into the surrounding air by a nuclear explosion. In this case the fireball is shown at about one second during its evolution. It is roughly 1 mile in diameter and it is radiating light and heat at a rate roughly 3 times that of the equivalent surface area of the sun.

To give you a sense of the actual physical effects, this shows you the fireball from a nuclear explosion of 800 kilotons over this area. Down here I’ve just shown a white, semi-transparent cloud to emphasize that the light and heat coming out of this fireball is tremendously large. It’s about 2.5 to 3 times the light and heat coming out of the equivalent surface of the Sun. Of course the Sun heats the Earth from 90 million miles pretty effectively and of course this detonation is very close.

What happens is, the amount of light and heat from the fireball is so intense that stone surfaces literally will shatter from the heating rate. It will thermally disintegrate—not necessarily burn, but thermally disintegrate. Metal and roads will melt or evaporate and essentially set anything combustible on fire within a few miles of the detonation point. Of course you would not be able to see through this haze in this depiction. It is just there to highlight the surfaces on Earth underneath the blast.

It will be intense enough that at five or six or more miles from the detonation point, it will set so many fires that a firestorm in all areas will follow.

Approximately 30 to 40 Seconds After the Detonation of an 800 kt Nuclear Weapon

Here is a depiction of what happens 30 or 40 seconds after the fireball shown previously. The fireball hasn’t begun to rise yet—it will buoyantly rise to a tremendous height. What happens is the fireball initially acts like a fast moving piston—it is simply super-heated air from the deposition of energy from the exploding nuclear weapon. It acts like a fast moving piston on the surrounding air, causing a shockwave.

Approximately 2 Minutes After the Detonation of an 800 kt Nuclear Weapon

[In this next slide] The shockwave reaches the ground and then is reflected from the ground. So you have a reflected and primary shock. You have a pressure wave of enormous intensity and physical length, physical width, and you have very high winds that knock down structures and lift large amounts of target debris into the air. You can see this debris carried into the air in the form of the pedestal and the debris cloud.

Two Minutes After the Detonation of an 800 kt Nuclear Weapon

[next slide] Eventually, a counter-intuitive process happens. Eventually the fireball will rise buoyantly to an altitude of maybe five miles before it stabilizes. During the process of rising it creates gigantic after winds on the ground of roughly 200 to 300 miles per hour, internal, just from the sucking action of this rising fireball that move inward rather than outward.

So these are the effects associated with a single nuclear weapon – which raises the question why do you need all this accuracy?

Let me bring you back to the first slide.

Warfighting Attack Plan - Targets and Lethal Ranges Against ``Urban-Industrial,'' ``Command,'' and ``Leadership'' Targets

It shows the objectives of the US nuclear force modernization program. The force modernization program is almost solely aimed at making it more feasible for the war fighters to execute their imagined attack plan against New York City.

Effects of One of the Warheads - Blast Ranges Shown for 800 kt Warheads - Area Destroyed by Fire and Blast by One of the Attacking Warheads

Blast Range Shown for One 800 kt Warhead
Area Destroyed by Fire and Blast by One of the Attacking Warheads

If this has the appearance of being completely insane and disconnected from any plausible reality, I have achieved my goal here today.

The fact of the matter is that it is completely impossible to fight and win a nuclear war because the effects of nuclear weapons are so large and so indiscriminate that the only possible outcome of any strategy would be indistinguishable from attacks aimed at killing as many people as possible. It doesn’t matter what your strategy is, if you use these things that’s the outcome.

Yet US nuclear war planning treats this totally fraudulent theory of war fighting as if it is the goal of US forces.

So this brings us back to the question of deterrence. And I’ll end here.

If the only realistic hope of deterring potential adversaries is by threatening them with the physical and socially mortal consequences of reprisal, then although this option may be extremely uncomfortable for many of us, it is all that we have. That’s what it boils down to.

Striving to be able to do more only creates the appearance that you think you can fight and win a war against a potential adversary – in this case we’re talking about Russia.

The net result is that the Russians have no choice but to wonder what the United States might do in a crisis. The Russians have a substantial fraction of vulnerable nuclear forces, and they do not have the early warning capability to assure themselves that these forces are not being attacked.

This is not a situation that should make anybody in this room comfortable.

It increases the chances that a horror beyond existential experience could result from simple human error.

The idea that by continuing to raise the level of threat against Russia via the kinds of improvements that are now being implemented in the US nuclear force modernization program might well be counted as possibly the most dangerous insanity in human history.

Sources: Theodore Postol: Striving for Armageddon, et al.

Engineered Winter – The Global Deception


All around the globe, extreme, destructive, and unprecedented “frozen precipitation” events are occurring. A great many of these events begin at temperature ranges far above the freezing point (though temperatures on the ground can drop precipitously as the nucleation process unfolds). Why? Most have never heard of “chemical ice nucleation for weather modification”, butpatents exist for this process and the Chinese government has long since admitted to engineering frozen precipitation events. The 90 second video below is astounding, a 200 foot wide river of ice flowing through the Saudi desert on November 2nd, 2015.

Extreme hail events are happening with alarming frequency, often in the most unlikely locations where such storms have not historically occurred.


“Ice storm” hits Saudi Arabia in Early November, 2015

When moisture laden storms are saturated with artificial/chemical ice nucleating elements (due to the destructive attempt by the climate engineers to temporarily cool-down ground temperatures on the ground), storms that would have been a deluge of rain become unprecedented onslaughts of frozen precipitation.


Record hail storm in Quito, Ecuador, February 14, 2015

The damage being inflicted by the rapidly increasing hail storms is massive and growing.


Record hail event, Bogata Columbia, February 22, 2015

Africa is also being subjected to unprecedented hail events.


A record shattering 3 feet of hail is dumped on the East African nation of Eritrea, March 14, 2014

Below is a shocking photo of “ice balls” piled up on the shores of Lake Michigan. Why is there no long term historical record of such a profound phenomenon? Chemical ice nucleating materials form a central core of ice that builds up around itself. The motion of the waves then contribute to the spherical shape.


“Ice balls” have formed and accumulated on Lake Michigan in the last few years, why? Such “ice balls” have even formed on lake water that was 40 degrees, how is this possible at temperatures far above the normal freezing point? Without chemical ice nucleation, it isn’t possible.

What is occurring on the shores of distant seas? Yet more “ice balls” have appeared in recent years.


“Ice balls” on the Baltic Coast in Northern Poland. “Official” sources say this recent unprecedented phenomenon is just “natural”, are we to believe them?

Other European countries are noting the same phenomenon.


Ice balls on the coast of Finland. The “official” explanation for this recent mysterious anomaly? Again, we are told it is a “natural” occurrence.

How natural do these “ice pancakes” look in the photo below?


CNN news called these “ice pancakes”  “mysterious”. This phenomenon has also been observed on various lakes and rivers in recent years. Chemical nucleation materials are the core causal factor that produce the recent rash of profound ice formations

“Freezing rain” has now become commonplace. Extreme “ice storms” are wreaking havoc all over the globe. Depending on atmospheric conditions and temperatures, precipitation from storms that have been sprayed with chemical ice nucleating materials can reach the ground before actually freezing.


This vehicle photo was taken in Versoix, Switzerland. Formerly unprecedented ice storms have now become the norm as the geoengineers do their best to create temporary chemical cool-downs in a rapidly warming world

Where can the most profound chemical ice nucleation examples be seen? The satellite photos below show completely unnatural ice formation structures on the Arctic ocean, September 15th, 2015. Arctic ocean temperatures have persisted at record high levels and the warming continues to worsen. Why would ice form in open water under such conditions, and in a manner that is completely different than the normal ice pack winter expansion? And all this during a year that has had record warmth and record ice melt in the Arctic? Surface ice formation on record warm seas worsens the overall warming by trapping the heat below.


Another satellite photo taken over the Arctic Ocean, September 15, 2015. Extremely anomalous sea surface ice formation is clearly evident.


Even into November, 2015, astoundingly high ocean temperatures have persisted and continue to shatter records. The map below clearly shows that sea surface temperatures were as much as 24.7 degrees ABOVE NORMAL in the Arctic ocean on November 7, 2015.


Global ocean temperatures are skyrocketing so rapidly that scientists must keep updating charts to keep up.

The excerpt below was taken from a recently posted Article from “Arctic News”, it should be read carefully. Arctic news describes the effects of atmospheric particulates (primarily from geoengineering which Arctic news refuses to admit to). They then state clearly the negative overall effects of these particulates (again, a result of geoengineering). And at the end of the article from which this excerpt was taken, Arctic News and the Arctic Methane Emergency Group calls for global geoengineering to be deployed immediately, as if it has not already been going on for over 6 decades in clear view and causing catastrophic effects. We must all diligently “sift the baby from the bathwater” so to speak. Though the front line data from Arctic news is accurate and verifiable from other sources, their constant call for geoegineering to commence is extremely alarming.

Particulates, in particular sulfate, can provide short-term cooling of the sea surface. Large amounts of sulfate are emitted from industrial areas in the east of North America and in East Asia. On the Northern Hemisphere, the Coriolis effect makes that such emissions will typically reach areas over the nearby ocean to the east of such industrial areas, resulting in the sea surface there being cooled substantially, until the particulates have fallen out of the sky. Since the sulfate is emitted on an ongoing basis, the cooling effect continues without much interruption.


This sulfate has a cooling effect on areas of the sea surface whereocean currents are moving warm water toward the Arctic Ocean. Because the sea surface gets colder, there is less evaporation, and thus less heat transfer from the ocean to the atmosphere during the time it takes for the water to reach the Arctic Ocean. As a result, water below the sea surface remains warmer as it moves toward the Arctic Ocean.


Similarly, as illustrated by above image, sulfur dioxide emitted in industrial areas in North America and East Asia can extend over the oceans, cooling the surface water of currents that are moving water toward the Arctic Ocean.

So the overall conclusion from Arctic News is that the atmospheric particulates are making a bad situation worse, not better. Yet, they continue to call for geoengineering deployment as if that is not the source of “atmospheric pollution” they have just condemned.

Below is a recent satellite photo of the sea surface off the coast of Greenland. Again we see an extremely anomalous and unprecedented pattern of ice formations like those shown earlier in this article.


The AccuWeather “forecast” (scheduled weather) for November 16-20, 2015, shows snow with a daytime high of 59 degrees and a night time low of 40 degrees. Why?


In the next map, we see snow again called for on the 22nd with the same temperatures as the earlier forecast, yet, on the 25th only rain is called for with much colder low temperatures? Snow is now often reported at temperatures up to 50 degrees and even above, welcome to the world of chemical ice nucleation. As previously mentioned, there are patents for such processes, and again, theChinese scientists have openly admitted their programs to create engineered snow storms.


What scenario are the geoengineers creating in the US with their chemical ice nucleated cool-downs? The exact antithesis of what has been the case in the US for the previous 3 winters. The extreme scenario shown in the most current NOAA map below is historically unprecedented, but in recent years has become the norm.


The “scheduled” weather from the geoengineers is for temperatures to be up to 20 degrees below normal in the West, and 20 or more degrees above normal in the East.

Chemical ice nucleation of storms and precipitation does create a cold dense layer of air on the ground level that can drastically lower temperatures temporarily. But what is the overall cost? A decimated climate system, a worsened overall warming of the planet, and total contamination of the atmosphere and surface of our planet (due to the highly toxic fallout from the climate engineering programs). If you think your winter weather is natural, think again. Exposing the ongoing climate engineering insanity is challenge we must all face head on, make your voice heard in this battle. Forward solid information to all those that need to know and don’t. Make every day count in this most critical fight.

Source:  Dane Wigington

Nicola Tesla – Government Confiscated, and Lost His Greatest Secrets – So They Say…

As each year passes, the character known as Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), a Serbian-American inventor, a revolutionary electrical and mechanical engineer – becomes more and more enigmatic, and so too does the mystery surrounding him…


Today in 2019, his work and legacy is all around us – his invention of alternating currents and remote control signals are integrated in almost every device we use today.

Nikola Tesla held over seven hundred patents. A short list of some of his inventions include the following:

* Alternating current. (No, it was not Thomas Edison.)

* Radio (No, it was not Marconi.)

* Wireless communication. (Cell phones before there were ordinary    phones.)

* Fluorescent lights.

* Induction motor.

* Radio-controlled vehicles.

* Rotating magnetic field principle.

* Tesla coil.

* Developed shadowgraphs, which were later used by Roentgen in his discovery of X-rays.

* Tesla created man-made lighting in the 1800s.

* Tesla lit two hundred electric lamps 25 miles away without wires!

* Tesla installed the first power-generating machinery at Niagra Falls, bringing electric power to Buffalo, New York in 1896.

* Tesla discovered terrestrial stationary waves, proving the earth could be used as a conductor for electrical vibrations.

The induction motor alone is responsible for virtually every electric motor you have ever encountered: vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, washers, refrigerators, fans, and on and on. You have probably never heard of the Tesla coil, but it is widely used in radio and television sets before LCD technology came along.
What happened to all of his notes, papers and research? It went to the four winds, and with that, much of the man’s knowledge and innovation had dispersed. Some entity did, in fact, seize and study papers regarding his particle beam or ‘death ray’ project, after his death.

After Nikola Tesla died, there was a scramble by the United States government to find all of his papers, notes and research before other foreign powers could find them. Tesla’s nephew, Sava Kosanovic, reported that before the OAP had arrived, someone else had obviously gone through Tesla’s belongings and took an unknown amount of personal notes and papers.

It was known by the FBI that German intelligence had already spirited away a sizable amount of Tesla’s research several years before his death.

The United States was going to make sure that this would not happen again. Anything even remotely associated with the great man was quickly confiscated and lost within the secret networks of pre-World War II America.

The Pentagon claims that, yes, they did take them, but that they had “lost” them.

The film below suggests that indeed, the Pentagon adopted key aspects of Tesla’s technologies after he died, but the mystery only begins here…

Someone named a car after him…

But other than that the average school child never hears anything about him, his life and his incredible work.

Our world literally runs on his inventions. So why isn’t he more famous?

For one thing, Thomas Edison hated him and the Edison companies had the power to work anti-PR against him and his reputation and they did.

More intriguing is the suggestion that the Pentagon far from not being able to understand his papers which they seized after he died, they not only understood what was in them, they are also using his ideas… but don’t want us to know. Thus making Tesla disappear from history.

However it happened, it was done. The man who invented the modern world is, for all practical purposes, unknown today…

while in Colorado Springs, Tesla intercepted communications from extraterrestrial beings who were secretly controlling mankind. These creatures were slowly preparing humans for eventual conquest and domination, using a program that had been in place since the creation of humankind, but was now accelerating due to Earth’s increased scientific awareness.

Tesla wrote about his years of research to interpret the strange radio signals, and his attempts to notify the government and military concerning what he had learned, but his letters apparently went unanswered.

Tesla's financier John Jacob Astor was drowned with the Titanic!
Tesla’s financier John Jacob Astor was drowned with the Titanic!

Tesla spoke in confidence to several of his benefactors, including Colonel John Jacob Astor, who owned the Waldorf Astoria hotel. These benefactors listened to Tesla and secretly funded what was to be the start of mankind’s first battle to regain control of its own destiny. A battle set in motion by Nikola Tesla.

While this information seems absolutely incredible, Tesla did give occasional hints to his predicament in various newspaper and magazine interviews.

Tesla may have elaborated on the subject in an article called:

Talking With the Planets, in Colliers Weekly (March 1901).

As I was improving my machines for the production of intense electrical actions, I was also perfecting the means for observing feeble efforts. One of the most interesting results, and also one of great practical importance, was the development of certain contrivances for indicating at a distance of many hundred miles an approaching storm, its direction, speed and distance traveled.

It was in carrying on this work that for the first time I discovered those mysterious effects which have elicited such unusual interest. I had perfected the apparatus referred to so far that from my laboratory in the Colorado mountains I could feel the pulse of the globe, as it were, noting every electrical change that occurred within a radius of eleven hundred miles.

Ican never forget the first sensations I experienced when it dawned upon me that I had observed something possibly of incalculable consequences to mankind.

Ifelt as though I were present at the birth of a new knowledge or the revelation of a great truth. My first observations positively terrified me, as there was present in them something mysterious, not to say supernatural, and I was alone in my laboratory at night; but at that time the idea of these disturbances being intelligently controlled signals did not yet present itself to me.

The changes I noted were taking place periodicallyand with such a clear suggestion of number and order that they were not traceable to any cause known to me. I was familiar, of course, with such electrical disturbances as are produced by the sun, Aurora Borealis, and earth currents, and I was as sure as I could be of any fact that these variations were due to none of these causes.

The nature of my experiments precluded the possibility of the changes being produced by atmospheric disturbances, as has been rashly asserted by some. It was some time afterward when the thought flashed upon my mind that the disturbances I had observed might be due to an intelligent control.

Although I could not decipher their meaning, it was impossible for me to think of them as having been entirely accidental.

The feeling is constantly growing on me that I had been the first to hear the greeting of one planet to another. A purpose was behind these electrical signals.”

Why is it that there has been little written about Tesla’s belief that he had listened in on alien radio signals? Perhaps the truth has been kept secret…

esla believed it’s absurd to think we’re the only intelligent beings in the universe and if there are indeed intelligent beings, wouldn’t they want to communicate with other “civilized” beings? Tesla reported this otherworldly communication and proclaimed his belief in extraterrestrials in February of 1901, in an article for Collier’s Weekly: 

“As I was improving my machines for the production of intense electrical actions, I was also perfecting the means for observing feeble efforts. One of the most interesting results and also one of great practical importance, was the development of certain contrivances for indicating at a distance of many hundred miles an approaching storm, its direction, speed and distance traveled.

“It was in carrying on this work that for the first time I discovered those mysterious effects which have elicited such unusual interest. I had perfected the apparatus referred to so far that from my laboratory in the Colorado mountains I could feel the pulse of the lobe, as it were, noting every electrical change that occurred within a radius of eleven hundred miles.

“I can never forget the first sensations I experienced when it dawned upon me that I had observed something possibly of incalculable consequences to mankind. I felt as though I were present at the birth of a new knowledge or the revelation of a great truth. My first observations positively terrified me as there was present in them something mysterious, not to say supernatural, and I was alone in my laboratory at night; but at that time the idea of these disturbances being intelligently controlled signals did not yet present itself to me.“

“The changes I noted were taking place periodically and with such a clear suggestion of number and order that they were not traceable to any cause known to me. I was familiar, of course, with such electrical disturbances as are produced by the sun, Aurora Borealis, and earth currents, and I was as sure as I could be of any fact that these variations were due to none of these causes.“

“The nature of my experiments precluded the possibility of the changes being produced by atmospheric disturbances, as has been rashly asserted by some. It was sometime afterward when the thought flashed upon my mind that the disturbances I had observed might be due to an intelligent control.

“Although I could not at the time decipher their meaning, it was impossible for me to think of them as having been entirely accidental. The feeling is constantly growing on me that I had been the first to hear the greeting of one planet to another. A purpose was behind these electrical signals.”

Nikola Tesla became in some way obsessed with received other radio signals from other planets and based on the transmission he received he developed a theory that there has been extraterrestrial presence on earth and that the universe, somewhere harbors intelligent extraterrestrial lifeforms. DidTesla have direct contact with ET’s? And is it possible that through this communication he was able to obtain the necessary knowledge to develop some of the mayor inventions like wireless energy transmission or rotating magnetic field way ahead of his time?

Atomic-model / solar System. Credit unknown

Tesla talked about atoms working like solar systems, and that light could work as a wave and a particle. Einstein got a Nobel Prize for saying light worked like a particle, and Bohr and Rutherford got aNobel Prize for saying that atoms were like little solar systems. Tesla was close to winning the Nobel Prize  in the early 1900’s, but mysteriously he never did.

Why was Tesla removed from the “nucleus” of quantum physics when he was practically one of it’s “fathers”.

In 1934 Tesla made headlines with his most controversial invention, “the death beam” which according to Tesla, could generate enough energy to bring down a fleet of 10,000 airplanes at a distance of 250 miles away. Tesla discovered that he could direct a beam of plasma with solid particles for long distances through the air like a lightning bolt. 

Tesla, UFO’s and flying machines

According to historians, Tesla began work on his flying machine in 1910, focusing on the use of field propulsion, or anti-gravity Tesla had discovered that high amounts of electricity could actually create lift in an object. Tesla talked about anti-gravity ships that could derive power from his Wardenclyffe Towers that were broadcasting energy. Tesla’s models did not include wings nor fuel they were completely electric flying machines.

Flying machine
Flying machine

If Tesla did in fact work on anti-gravity flying machines, is there any proof? Well… there actually is, you only have to look at the depictions of flying machines in ancient Hindu texts like the Mahabharata that could really prove that Tesla had otherworldly knowledge and help to design anti-gravity spaceships. The list of technologies that can be traced back to the drawing board of Nikola Tesla is endless: Modern humanoid robotics, solar and wind power, weather manipulation, drones and even planetary exploration vehicles. But Tesla’s interests went beyond inventions and technology.

Nikola Tesla was obsessed with the number three and he was very interested in numerology to the point he had to circle a building three times before entering it, you could say that he was a very superstitious man. He had calculated nodal points around the planet and they were probably linked to the numbers three, six and nine and Tesla claimed that these numbers were extremely important.

If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe. – Nikola Tesla

The number “three”

If we go to the Great Pyramid of Giza, not only are there the three larger pyramids at Giza, all side by side, mirroring the positions of the stars in Orion’s Belt, but we also see a group of three smaller pyramids immediately away from the three larger pyramids.  We find lots of evidence that nature uses threefold and sixfold symmetry, including the hexagonal tile shape of the common honeycomb. These shapes are in nature, and the ancients emulated these shapes in the building of their sacred architecture. Is it possible that there is something special about the mysterious number three? is it possible that Tesla uncovered this profound secret and used this knowledge to push the boundaries of science and technology?

Earlier in his career, while conducting research with one of his transformer coils, Nikola Tesla had a near-death experience when he came in contact with a resonating electromagnetic charge of three and a half million volts. Tesla was working with 60-foot lightning bolts and he made a mistake where he almost got electrocuted.
He barely escaped with his life, and because of the shock that he had, he claimed to have had a revelation where he entered a state of timelessness where he could see the past, the future and the present all at once in this mystic vision, but he was paralyzed and he couldn’t do anything about it. He claimed that he was moved through time and space. 

The Philadelphia Experiment


Just before his death, Nikola Tesla was working with another genius, Albert Einsteinon a project for the United States Navy at the Philadelphia Naval Yard where  they were trying to create an electromagnetically charged invisibility cloak for the  USS Eldridge. The experiment was allegedly based on an aspect of the unified field theory, a term coined by Albert Einstein.The Unified Field Theory aims to describe mathematically and physically the interrelated nature of the forces that comprise electromagnetic radiation and gravity, although to date, no single theory has successfully expressed these relationships in viable mathematical or physical terms.

Basically they were trying to create a stealth technology. they mounted a large number of Tesla coils to create a plasma field around the ship, which makes the ship “invisible” to radar, but something unexpected occurred during the process.

The ship didn’t just disappear from radar, according to reports the USS Eldridge disappeared completely and reappeared with some of the crew “embedded” into the metal of the ship. Mainstream scientists believe the so-called Philadelphia Experiment is a just hoax, but some insist the account is authentic.Leaked testimony from classified levels of secrecy in the U.S. government the Philadelphia Experiment was real, that the soldiers on that ship got disoriented, and they ended up walking into the hull. After the ship “reappeared” their bodies melded into the metal of the hull.

Tesla was once quoted as saying… “The present is theirs, but the future for which I have really worked is mine.”

Those who knew him say he was not a normal human, but a superman, either a reincarnated master – or even an ET with superior mental powers placed here to assist in Earth’s technological development!

Nikola Tesla could have gone down in history as the man who invented the 20th century. Instead his theories were ridiculed and he died alone in a hotel bedroom.

Was Nikola Tesla simply a genius with knowledge way ahead of his time? Or is there something more to this “mad scientist” Is it possible that Tesla had contact with extraterrestrial beings, who influenced his life and work? Providing him with knowledge, ideas and creativity?

We will probably never know…

Photos from the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia

Instruments used by Nikola Tesla in his laboratory experiments.
Instruments used by Nikola Tesla in his laboratory experiments.
Device used to demonstrate the Rotating Magnetic Field of Electricity
Device used to demonstrate the Rotating Magnetic Field of Electricity
Egg of Columbus - the iron egg stands and spins in the rotating magnetic field
Egg of Columbus – the iron egg stands and spins in the rotating magnetic field
Remote control boat built by Tesla and displayed in Madison Square Garden in 1898
Remote control boat built by Tesla and displayed in Madison Square Garden in 1898
Huge Tesla Coil in the Tesla Museum
Huge Tesla Coil in the Tesla Museum
Tesla Electric Motor - one of the ten greatest inventions of all time
Tesla Electric Motor – one of the ten greatest inventions of all time

Resource: The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla – T. Swartz