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I will soon be attempting to retrieve as much content as I can from my old Black Oak Arkansas – The Wild Bunch and Music Mining websites, that were lost in a server crash a few years ago. Once the number one hit on Google for people looking for rare rock music CDs, memorabilia, underground comix, ROIO music, bootleg live music and more.

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The Black Oak Arkansas Wild Bunch Reunion
Graphix by
You found it! Welcome home, we’ve been waiting for you. Come on in and hang out a while. You might run across some old friends on the Message BOArd, and you’re sure to make some new ones! I’m Mutant, your tourguide on this little trip down the Rabbit Hole! Hope I can help you retrieve some old rememBOAries!

Sorry about no recent updates, but I’ve been real busy organzing the happening of the Real Ozfest II, featuring Black Oak Arkansas, my band…Warlok, and more for September 2nd (Labor Day Sunday) at the Jolly Troll in Holton, Kansas.

The Real OzFest returns to Kansas for another go!

If you missed the last one, don’t make that mistake again!

Jim Dandy and Black Oak Arkansas join Mutant and Warlok, plus Jolly Troll favorites Slow Ride, for an new installment of this great event from last year. This also marks the 20th Anniversary of Black Oak Arkansas’ appearance at the final show ever to take place at the Jolly Troll Stardust!

Labor Day Weekend Sunday, the bar gets raised once again, don’t miss out!

We are going to be having a free fish fry for the first couple hundred people, so plan on showing up early! Advance ticket holders will be admitted at 6:00pm, one hour before the door opens officially for this and some other special opportunities!

Advance tickets are now available at the Jolly Troll, online or by snailmail! Get em now!

CLICK HERE for all the details or to get advance tickets online!

BE SURE TO “FRIEND” THE JOLLY TROLL so you will be the first to find out about even bigger upcoming shows!

If you would like to help distribute flyers in your community, please let us know!

Now…let’s go back 30 years or so…


Rickie Lee, Jim and Tommy Aldridge, St. Joe, Missouri Civic Auditorium, 1973.

Like many Rock fans from the 70s, I remember the days of huge general admission concerts. The sweet, thick haze in the air as you sit there patiently (as possible) with 20,000 or so other concert goers waiting for the show. the opening act has put you in the mood for the main course, and the PA is jamming out the tunes. An eternity seems to pass, all the while flooding your senses with anticipation.

Suddenly the lights lower, the recorded music stops, and a lone figure walks out on the stage. A hush falls over the audience. The spotlight hits the chosen figure who has the privilege of uttering those words: ” Ladies and Gentlemen…are you ready to rock?!!
Well then, let’s welcome…

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In The Beginning…
…there was THE KNOWBODY ELSE, the little nut that would stand it’s ground and become a Mighty Oak! That is a story for another day. They were signed to a major label by Ahmet Ertegun and became
Group hj,jd,pd,we,sk,rr
Black Oak around 1970, on the streets of New Orleans where they honed their chops. Pictured are Harvey Jett, Jim Dandy, Pat Daugherty, Wayne Evans, Stanley Knight and Rickie Lee Reynolds, the Original Wild Bunch as far as our purposes are concerned.
J. D. Mangrum
Jim Mangrum in one of the few tranquil moments during those hectic touring daze of the early 70s.
The man had a plan…speak boldly and carry a BIG STICK!

The long awaited Black Oak Arkansas Lyrics Project is under way!. We are compiling lyrics to all the albums right now, as they are being sent in to me by helpful BOAkin.

Anyone wishing to join the project, contact me. If you already have some of the missing albums (or your favorite song) figured out or want to start undertaking them, dive in! You can see the status of a particular album by clicking on the appropriate link in the left toolbar.


Lotsa crazy new BOA goodies, different shirts, mugs, steins, posters, mousepads, the frickin’ kitchen sink and more, are available at Black Oak Arkansas Online!
Check it out soon, many items will be available only for a limited time.


THE BIG NEWS…It’s here for Christmas!

“BLACK OAK ARKANSAS – The First 30 Years” on DVD!

Click on the Black Oak DVD link at the bottom of the toolbar to the left to get all the details!!!


Official BOA Website
Jukka’s Black Oak Discography
Mutant’s band…WARLOK
Black Oak Message BOArd

Black Oak Arkansas & Related Links

Black Oak Arkansas CDs & Stuff!


My BOA Pics

This page will hold photos and stuff from my personal Black Oak Arkansas experiences. Most of my stuff was lost or destroyed over the years, but I recently found a batch of slides that I once considered rejects, but are now all I’ve got. I’ll add them to this page as I can get them converted and Anett has come to the rescue on resizing them. Thanks, Anett! Check back often.
Raunch 'n' Roll
A shot of Rickie Lee, Jim and Tommy at one of my first Black Oak Concerts. The opening act at this show (which I unfortunately have found any pics of) was Ruby Jones. As close as I can remember, this show was at St. Joseph (Missouri) Civic Auditorium in May of ’73.
Another shot at the same concert as most of these will be. It may have been ’72, I can’t remember….there was this purple haze in the air! Anyway here’s Pat Daugherty and Stanley Knight. I can’t seem to find any of Harvey Jett so far. I’ll keep looking. Like I said, these are the leftovers. Next, another shot of Dork and The Dandy!
Tommy layin’ down a groove and JD struttin’ his stuff! It doesn’t get any better than this! Sorry, but you won’t see this kind of action at a CREED Concert! They just don’t make ’em like they used to.

Following are a couple more pics of JD rappin’ and “Howlin’ at the Moon!” Eat you heart out Ozzy! BOA Fever!!!

Karma Invitation!
All of these images have been cropped and de-rezed to facilitate loading time. They are all around 40K, down from about a meg and a half apiece. I have the full files and original slides if anyone is interested inphoto-quality laser prints or professional glossies. Contact me for info. These images may be used on your website, whole or edited, if you include a credit and a link to Music Mining. Contact me for permission.


BOA fans and family have little ways of showing the world their allegence to their roots. Here are a few. If you want to share yours, send it to me.

MetalReps PowerAcorn
BOA Tags.
Whitesage’s Ruby Star
Curt’s Tat
Barefoot’s PowerAcorn
Ken Perkins’ PowerAcorn
BOAster Trek
Mutant’s Scrubboard
Uncle Larry’s PowerAcorn
Logan’s Fantasy Promo
Sarge’s BOAwood
Bad BOA Bug!!!
Perry’s BOA Ticket From Hell!
Perry’s Buckle
OAKhead’s JD Birthday Calendar
KAAY Radio Promo
Harvey Jett’s ’62 Pontiac
Vaults Of Karma Records : Raunch ‘ Roll DTS Surround CD

This is a limited run of Black Oak Arkansas’s Raunch ‘n’ Roll – Live in 4.1 DTS Surround Sound. Handmade one at a time. Don’t go looking at Amazon or Best Buy, this will only be available from Vaults Of Karma Records, direct.

This is TRUE QUAD SURROUND + Subwoofer Channel) designed to play in your home surround DVD system. Don’t be discouraged by Rhino’s “5.1 Audio” track on the 30 Year DVD, this is REAL SURROUND, with the band and crowd coming from all directions.

If you were too young for the Quadraphonic Era, you have a whole new experience coming here! If you were around, you know what to expect…this time in DIGITAL!

If you thought this album rocked before, wait’ll you hear it with CD SURROUND digital impact! Put this baby in you system and set the controls to 11. As close as you’ll come to the live 70’s experience!

If you can play DTS video DVDs, you can play these. Most modern DVD surround systems perform perfectly, a trip through Best Buy with the first test discs gave us a 100% success rate. The machine must be capable of reading CDR discs’s. Most CD players are, but some DVD players (especially Sonys) aren’t. Check your owners manual for information.

Thanks to Ralph “The Quadfather” Carson and Tab “MatrixQuad” Patterson for
their support and technical assistance with this project!

Vaults Of Karma Records

This is the Vaults Of Karma Records page, the publishing division of Music Mining.

The contained items are re-releases and new materials published under copyright and license. You won’t find these anywhere else, if you do…let me know!

Banner 10000056

Raunch ‘ Roll DTS Surround CD
Ruby Starr “Stealin’ The Show” CD
Missouri – Revisited CD
The Knowbody Else
Live In London – 1974 CD
BOA The Lost Demos – Chapter I
BOA ruled the early 70s and we’ve got pictures to prove it!

hot electronics v01

JD Mangrum “Lord of the ‘board!”
Jim Horseback
Bourbon Street 1971
JD & Jo’s Rose
Jerry’s BOA Jam 1975
BOA 1973
Jim Mangrum 1975
BOA 1979 Studio
JD Circus Foldout ’76
Disneyworld ’78
Jim Dandy – 197?
Halls Of Karma Poster
Black Oak DVD
Raunch ‘n Roll – Live
1972 Groupshot
Jim tunin’ up!
70s Candid Tour Shots
Bev and JD
KAAY Radio Promo
JD Sailing Pic
Race live.
High On The Hog Tour – ’74
Nashville Guitar Smash
Raunch ‘n Roll DTS Surround Sound C D
BOA The Lost Demos – Chapter I
Knowbody Else! : Christmas Ball 1968
The “Knowbody Else” at the 1968 Christmas Ball in Kennett, Mo…home town of Sheryl Crow and David Thomas who sent me this picture from his HS yearbook. Unfortunately, the editors did a lousy cropping job, and cut our beloved Rickie Lee Reynolds almost completely out of the band!

The caption read: “The Nobody Else performs in a most unusual way!” David (who was about 15 at the time, remembers them playing Byrds and Beatles covers, because he was so impressed by Rickie’s 12-string playing and JDs stage antics (including a flaming pair of welder’s gloves!). He had a great review of the show, but I can’t remember much more that this at the moment. David, if you’re watching, get on the BOArd and tell us all about it! Maybe this’ll even stir some memories for RLs fireside chats.

Hopefully, Rickie Lee can come to the rescue with the line-up as I’m not too sure and David’s letter (and his address) got messed up. I’ll take a shot, and stand corrected if mistaken! Let me know, guys, and my apologies if I get it wrong!

I believe we’re looking at Pat Daugherty, J.R. Brewer, James Leslie Mangrum, Keith McCann, Harvey Jett, and (just barely!) Rickie Lee Reynolds.

David promised me another group shot from that night, but we’ve lost contact, so if anyone knows him, hook us back up!

Damn, where were the home videocameras when this happened?!

Well put, ladies!!! Tell it like it is!
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