Undecided Swing State Voter List Hack From MoveOn.Org, You Can Call Them For Donald Trump Now!

MoveOn sent me a request to call undecided voters for Hillary Clinton. Guess what, it ISN’T a secure page. You can go there and be one step away from connecting for Donald Trump! Below is what they sent me, including the link.

This election will come down to one thing: voters turning out to cast their ballots on November 8. That’s why MoveOn members from all over the country are standing #UnitedAgainstHate. We’re calling voters in critical swing states right now to make sure every voter casts their vote for Hillary Clinton. Together, we can stop Donald Trump’s message of hate.

By now, we all know the stakes of this election—and the choice between a dangerous authoritarian demagogue or a woman of great experience and commitment, running on the most progressive major-party platform ever.

We all know the real threat that Donald Trump could win. The polls have tightened to a dead heat this week, with Trump ahead in many battleground states. And we know that his supporters are committed to voting. We know control of the Senate is utterly up in the air.
And we all know what we have to do to win: turn out progressive voters.

But if you’re not sure how to do it, here’s the good news: MoveOn has made it easy for all of us, wherever we live, to talk to the voters who could decide this election.

Click the link to Start making calls now. (You’ll be calling voters in swing states, where you can make the difference! Your number will remain hidden from callers

MoveOn Call Tool

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