Trump Against the World, and He’s Winning – Canada Understands – They Blew It With Justin Trudeau

What Donald Trump has in his arsenal are the American people who have reached their wit’s end, and that is an even more formidable force.

Trump Against the World, and He’s Winning – Canada Free Press

Sylvia Thompson imageBy —— August 5, 2016

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A crippling defect in our national psyche makes otherwise reasoning people assume that past noble behavior or past events render some individuals immune to criticism for their current actions. This national weakness plays into the hands of those who would exploit it.

By now, all should know that the Muslim father, Khizr Khan, who attacked Donald Trump at the Democratic National Convention, is a proponent of sharia law—the same Islamic law that is diametrically opposed to the Constitution of the United States. Khizr Khan, it seems, is actively working to bring more sharia-compliant Muslims into America. Whatever his intent, sharia-compliant Muslims jeopardize our constitutional freedoms. Besides the article referenced below, others have exposed Khizr Khan, and only useful idiots who choose ignorance are still mouthing his “patriotism.”

Nothing excuses Khizr Khan’s Islamist leanings. Likewise, John McCain’s suffering imprisonment at the hands of the enemy in the Vietnam War does not excuse his current performance. He is being challenged for his Senate seat because, of late, he has not served his constituency well.

I grow weary of hearing about John McCain’s war record every time a legitimate criticism is lodged against his legislative record or ideological positions he has taken. Many men were imprisoned in the war along with John McCain, some for considerably longer. Some of them never returned. Nothing that McCain did or suffered in the past ameliorates present behavior, unless he was mentally impaired by his service, and he was not. And his physical impairment should have no bearing on his commitment to American citizens, given that he chose to serve them as a politician.

That said, I think the way that Khan’s behavior against Trump has been excused out of hand is disgusting. Equally appalling is how establishment types like John McCain are parading their holier-than-thou attitude toward Trump for not pandering to Khan. The vast majority of American families who lost children in war do not worship a faith that extols sharia law. Khan’s embrace of sharia puts him in an entirely different category. One that should be suspect.

Many Americans view Trump’s response to Khan differently from John McCain’s, Rudy Giuliani’s, Newt Gingrich’s, and a host of other politicos and talking-heads. The critics are rushing to tell Trump how he should have handled the situation. For the sake of “focus,” they say he must pretend no other opponents exist except Clinton. Somewhat like saying it’s impossible for a candidate to walk and chew gum at the same time, if he wants to win an election.

Giuliani and Gingrich are both establishment, and established, politicians. Although establishment types, they were astute enough to recognize the will of the people concerning Donald Trump. Even so, both men may well harbor some degree of envy, having failed in their bids for the office Trump is likely to achieve. Additionally, Gingrich displays a large ego; he expects to be heard and heeded. Trump’s team, however, considering they have made it to this point without Gingrich or any other politician like him, is understandably hesitant to embrace his every suggestion. And I’m sure he has offered many. Trump alluded to as much in one of his campaign rallies.Trump’s establishment supporters seem hell bent on criticizing every move that he makes that’s out of line with what they would do.

I see in such behavior something a bit sinister. While cloaked as positive feedback, it seems somewhat of a ploy to turn him into a politician—the very class that so many Americans currently despise. It appears to escape all those taking a critical stance toward how Trump is executing his campaign that the vast majority of Trump’s supporters applaud how he is handling himself. It’s the media and the political class who are disturbed.

Herman Cain, himself a former presidential candidate, explained it as two simultaneous forces: one, the ground campaign, which the masses of voters are supporting and the other, the media-driven campaign, which the masses are ignoring.

The current meme is that the polls tell the story. Trump must listen to his naysayers because the polls say Hillary is outdoing him; the polls say “the race will be very close.” Does anybody not see the numbers of people at Trump’s rallies (in the multiple thousands) and those at Clinton’s rallies (sometimes in the thousands and sometimes only the hundreds)?  Because the media (including Fox News) refuse to emphasize this disparity in participation, does not negate the disparity.

Further, has anybody wondered if the polls from media outlets, all of whom oppose Trump, might be intentionally agenda-driven and way off the mark? I certainly have. In the primaries, Trump often overshot the poll estimates. (See a discussion below on polling from The Conservative Treehouse.)

The constant drum beat from politicos is that campaigns have always been done a certain way, and candidates must fall in line. Trump, therefore, must become the typical politician or he will surely lose the race. Never mind that following the old play book has not worked very well for Republican presidential candidates in the recent past.

My humble opinion is that this race will not be close. I think a majority of Americans now fully understand what’s going on. Arrayed against Donald Trump, they see progressive globalists from outside the country and within (establishment types in both parties, what some call the “UniParty”); an incredibly corrupt Democrat party and corrupt candidate in Hillary Clinton; an extraordinarily hostile, mediocre media devoid of journalistic principles; and those large egos among his “supporters” who will be taken down a notch if Trump succeeds in doing it his way and not theirs.

What Donald Trump has in his arsenal are the American people who have reached their wit’s end, and that is an even more formidable force.

Source: Trump Against the World, and He’s Winning

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