DNC Email Leaks Shows Latinos Profiled As “TACO BOWLS!” Are Liberals Leaving The Party Over It?

Only hours before the Democratic National Convention is to convene, this email was found within the Wikileaks email blast sent out on Friday and it comes straight from the DNC.

According to the email, the Democrat National Outreach program to Latinos is called “Taco Bowl Engagement” as seen in the screenshot of one of the hacked emails shown below. You can click on the image or open it in a new tab to enlarge…


From this and other emails released, apparently the Democrats are still as racist as they were when they created the KKK. This is what they think of their Latino supporters. 


The Democrats just revealed to America how they view Latinos — as votes to “mop up.” Furthermore, they showed how they stereotype Latinos by lumping all Latin American nationalities — which could include Cubans, Colombians, Nicaraguans, etc. — into one big Mexican pot. And on top of that, it turns out that the taco bowl isn’t even authentically Mexican anyway. It was invented by the founder of Frito and has been a staple of American high school cafeterias since the 1970’s.

Remember the liberal outrage when Trump celebrated Cinco de Mayo by eating a taco bowl in his office in Trump Tower?


Where is the liberal sense of propriety now? Where is the moral outrage?

Where are the screams?


I guess taco bowls are only racist when Trump eats them, walls are only racist when Trump builds them, and National Security is only facist when Trump talks about it. See a pattern evolving here?

Source: DNC Email 

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  2. Mark Spiegel · July 26, 2016

    And Joel’s point is still valid. It is a take on Trump’s taco bowl pandering not about people.


  3. Paula Duvall · July 26, 2016

    I’ve visited enough barnyards and stables to know HORSE-PUCKY when I see and smell it! Dems are just that…and ONLY that! Dems are TRUE RACISTS who revel in their “base” of plantation-workers & inarticulate race-fascists, who’ve paralyzed America’s wheels of progress with their incessant need for wet-nursing and “preferences”! America is held-hostage by the Ignorant, the Undeserving and the chronically Ungrateful. Instead of ELEVATING their crude & clueless “base”, they prefer to keep them as perennial “bottom-feeders”: Dependent, without initiative or self-respect, using The Blame Game to grease their skids. Unless this fear of telling BONE-IDLE LOSERS to buzz-off…America will NEVER regain its footing and solvency. Latinos follow the sordid example of “black nationalists” and have adopted the same obeisance to Dems, their so-called “tolerance”, of them, their ignoring invasions of ILLEGAL migrants, and extreme indignation when there are objections to it. Now, perhaps Latinos will see that they are as much “tools” as are brain-dead blacks who are used by Dem “elites” to maintain “power”, and not to ensure better lives and full respect of their communities.


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