BREAKING: MASSIVE Bribery Scheme EXPOSED In Latest Email Discovery, DNC Leaders TERRIFIED


Explosive! It’s essentially a bribe. That’s what we’re discussing here. It might be legal, it’s probably not entirely above board. But regardless, money is being exchanged and in return favoritism is received.


Depending on how much money the contributor provides, and depending on whether they provide it to the correct location, different amounts of favoritism are doled out in return.

This is what Naomi Aberly, a board member of Planned Parenthood and operative of the Democratic National Committee, explains to Robert Glovsky in a cryptic but blunt fashion in an email marked May 2nd.

Glovsky is a fat cat financial advisor based out of Boston, and is Vice Chair for one of the biggest RIA firms, the Colony Group, in the region.  Aberly relays her message to him in a cryptic, yet blunt, fashion.  She has been sent by top ranking DNC officials to convince Glovsky to donate to a different Democratic fund than he intends to.

“But it is also important to give now if you want anything at convention” Aberly tells him.

 Glovsky is a constant Democratic donor and his FEC contributions prove it.  This isn’t a typical call meant to get someone with cold feet back into the fold.  Glovsky intends to donate enormous sums of money to the Democrats–we’re talking upwards of $30,000.  He knows how the game is played.

Aberly continues: “The DNC can do more for donors than the campaign can – at this point in the cycle for a first term presidential candidate – > You know… I am as up front and straightforward as possible – so there you go.”

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