The TAXING Truth for America: TED vs TRUMP

TRiUMPhant! Women

Descending from a long line of farm owners and blue collar workers in Columbus, Indiana we are just tired of government. Tired of interference. Tired of all of the breaks going to large corporations who can afford lobbyists. Tired of the games people play in Washington DC and politics in general. I really want a President who is not the same-old-thing in a shiny-new-wrapper.

Politicians endorsing Politicians

I always wonder what the benefit is to the politician who gives another politician an endorsement. One really can’t take it too seriously as they all just want to keep spending our money on foolish things and never seem to actually get anything done for the people.

The truth is, whether you own a farm, a small business, or a home; you would like to have more money in your pocket at the end of the day and a legacy to leave your family.


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