Apr 26: Maryland Republican DELEGATE List

TRiUMPhant! Women

VOTE: Tues, April 26th  (Polls open at 7 am EDT and close at 8 pm EDT) You must be

Maryland is a Winner-Take-ALL state with 38 delegates at stake.  YOU must vote for the Congressional District delegates & alternates.  The At-Large delegates are selected at the State convention.

Mr Trump needs your vote to affect how both the Congressional District delegates and At-Large delegates are bound. DOWNLOAD the Pro-Trump delegate/alternative list below and take with you to the polls.

Presidential Candidate Names on the Ballot include: Jeb Bush*, Ben Carson*, Chris Christie*, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina*, Mike Huckabee*, John R Kasich, Rand Paul*, Marco Rubio*, Rick Santorum*, Donald J Trump  (*Candidate has suspended their campaign. Many candidates announce publicly that they are no longer running for office. However, removing a candidate from the ballot requires a written notice by the candidate. Many Presidential candidates did…

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