What Would Donald Trump as President Mean For The Tech Industry?

Wherever you personally stand on the Trump debate, if he were to get in, what would all this mean for the technology industry?

Well, as one person suggests semi-flippantly: “Considering he wants to build a wall between him and Mexico, I would imagine the sales of surveillance systems would skyrocket.”  

It would be very easy to get heated up about Trump’s more lunatic suggestions here. We are certainly not Trump supporters here at IDG Connect. Realistically if he were to achieve office, many commentators believe, he might have to ditch some of his madder ideas as untenable.

So, specifics aside, how would his broader policies around ‘Making America Great Again’ impact global technology?

“The entire tech revolution of the last twenty-five years has been based on the free flow of ideas internationally and eliminating barriers between peoples,” says Emma Smith, CEO of Memberoo, a platform for customer engagement based on a digital loyalty app.

“The protectionism espoused by Mr Trump are enemies of progress, and as a tech entrepreneur I worry about any US President pursuing a nakedly ‘America First’ policy. Even if a future President Trump’s policies do not directly hinder the spread of technology and innovation, American governmental policies are still hugely influential in a wide range of spheres.

“When my company begins exporting our ideas to the rest of the world in coming months, I don’t want it to be in a context where our British technology is mistrusted for being foreign.”

Ian Tomlinson, CEO and founder of Cybertill, which provides multi-channel solutions to retailers in the UK and US adds:

“Lower business tax rates, combined with lower tax rates from the middle class down will mean businesses may find it easier to add more people. This will lead to the ability to grow businesses of all kinds, including technology companies but it’s likely Trump would make it harder for US-based tech companies to rely on outsourced labor.”

He continues: “Trump’s China trade reform could have a significant impact on cheap goods from China, and specifically goods in the technology sector. We may see some of the larger players receive quite a bit of incentive to move manufacturing home.”

On a more positive note he says: “Ending corporate tax loopholes will mean that smaller technology companies will be able to compete better.”

He is a highly successful individual, beyond the inflammatory soundbites and ceaseless rabble rousing must operate some form of cold, calculated business logic.

Source: IDG Connect 

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