Why I’m Not Voting for Ted Cruz – SHOCKING | The Educated Voter – Mike Grayson

On September 8, 2015, Ted Cruz showed up at the Kim Davis rally, unannounced and uninvited.   He walked into the jail and was stopped by a deputy.  The deputy told him that Kim was in the back with her attorney and Mike Huckabee, and he would need to wait in the lobby.

Ted became irate and attempted to bully the deputy and said, “Do you know who I am?” which was heard by all who were present.  At that point Governor Huckabee steps in and says it’s OK for Ted to join them.  He explained to Ted that all of the speakers had been scheduled and he would not have an opportunity to speak, but he could have a photo op with Kim inside the jail.


Ted was then told that when he exited the jail he was to turn LEFT and go stand with the elected officials, because Davis, her attorney and Governor Huckabee would be right behind him and were scheduled to talk to the press, which were off to the right.  CRUZ SAID HE UNDERSTOOD AND PROMISED THAT HE WOULD NOT DISRUPT THE RALLY.  The campaign staff was in the building and they all heard Cruz say this.

Mike Huckabee’s Political Director, Jim Terry, was concerned that Ted wasn’t going to cooperate and pulled Aaron Chang, who had organized the rally, off to the side and told him to make sure that Ted didn’t try to go to the press and disrupt the rally.  So when Ted exited Aaron was waiting.
When Ted exited he turned RIGHT with the intent of talking to the media, BREAKING THE PROMISE HE HAD MADE JUST MINUTES BEFORE!  Governor Huckabee and the campaign staff were astounded at his behavior at a rally he was neither invited to or scheduled to speak at.
Aaron stopped Ted, in full view of the cameras (video below).  Aaron (in the red shirt) told him that Davis, the attorney and Governor Huckabee were coming out and that he should go over and stand with the elected officials because they had a schedule to keep.  Ted then attempted to bully Aaron with the tactic he had just used in the jail.
If you watch the video you will see Jim Terry exit with a cell phone to his ear.  The reason he was on the phone was that he was trying to defuse the situation, giving instructions to the rest of the team to not allow Ted on the speaker’s platform or in the media pit. Ted  was out of control at this point. He tried to side step Aaron but was stopped.  He finally relented.


But it wasn’t over.
Ted and his companion then go to over to the steps leading up to the speaker’s platform but Jim Terry was there waiting for them.  Jim stopped them and once again Cruz tried to bully his way onto the platform. Jim stood firm and once again Ted relented.
But it still wasn’t over.
Then, when Davis, her attorney, and Governor Huckabee were speaking on the platform, Ted goes over behind the cameras and tries to get their attention so that they rotate the cameras 180 degrees, off of the speakers and toward him! It was a desperate and deliberate attempt to disrupt the rally and take the focus off of Kim Davis and put it on himself.
When all of this failed, Ted retreated with a forlorn and dejected look on his face, where I am told that his companion rounded up some of the media to take pictures.  The next thing we know Amanda Carpenter (the Communication Director for Senator Ted Cruz), publishes an article in the Conservative Review condemning Governor Huckabee as selfish.  The Cruz campaign made a deliberate attempt to make Gov. Huckabee look bad, when in fact Cruz was the villain.
People from the Cruz campaign then began spreading that Cruz was a victim and was very sad about what happened.  They were pushing the false narrative that Cruz was blocked by Governor Huckabee when he showed up unannounced, not on the speaker schedule, just minutes before the Governor, Kim and her attorney were scheduled to meet with the press. He wasn’t a speaker. He wasn’t on the schedule.  This link shows just one Tweet our of many, that propagated that false narrative.
Perhaps what is most disturbing about this incident is that Ted Cruz didn’t really support Kim Davis in the first place. On the Sunday prior to the rally he was interviewed by NPR and said, “State officials cannot ignore a direct judicial order” meaning that Kim Davis was required to do what the judge had ordered.  You can draw your own conclusion, but mine is that he wanted the free press so that he could be viewed as a defender of religious liberty.  The link to his response is below.
Then, I spent a week in Iowa helping to organize and campaign for Gov. Huckabee as his National Grassroots Chair.  I was told, first hand, by people in Iowa that the Cruz campaign was telling them not to vote for Mike because he couldn’t win.  
Then I saw the “Voter Violation” mailers being sent to Iowa voters by the Cruz campaign which was an appalling campaign dirty trick and drew the ire of the Iowa Secretary of State.
Then, the Cruz campaign sent out instructions to tell their caucus speakers to tell everyone that Carson was dropping out of the race.  
I have also heard by many in Iowa that Rafael Cruz was speaking all over the state telling people that Governor Huckabee supported Common Core, which they knew was false.  
I wasn’t surprised when in South Carolina, the Cruz campaign was forced to pull false ads directed at Marco Rubio.
Those are the reasons why I will not be voting for Ted Cruz in the Texas GOP Primary.


Source, Mike Grayson: Why I’m Not Voting for Ted Cruz 

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  1. Brenda · March 19, 2016

    so where is your article exposing the lies told by Trump?


    • Linden · April 28, 2016

      Irrelevant. This article is about Cruz.


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