Ted Cruz Owes Donald Trump an Apology, and an Answer To Us!

Senator Ted Cruz has stepped on a real landmine this time. His level of hypocrisy and willingness to deceive the American voter pegged out the meter.

Last year, Senator Ted Cruz appeared at the National Religious Liberties Conference in Iowa, where he courted the support of the conference’s organizer, Colorado-based pastor and radio host Kevin Swanson. Ted’s father Rafael also spoke at the conference.

Ted Cruz was embraced and introduced on the stage by Pastor Swanson, after Swanson had called for the execution of gays and many other inflammatory remarks at the very same podium earlier.

In the browsing area of the conference there were various pamphlets about death for homosexuals, from consequences for not advocating it, to the best methods of carrying out the punishment.

While Ted Cruz has never spoken out about the little get together, the campaign did much later, telling USA Today that “it was a mistake” for Cruz to have attended the conference.

Obviously they wanted to keep it all low key, Cruz did not want to lose all the “Kill All The Gays Coalition” votes that he had gained pandering to them.

Since he got his panties in such a bunch over Trump not disavowing David Duke personally and immediately, don’t you think this is a bit hypocritical?

I have enquired, but have not received an answer.

Maybe it’s time you should all demand Teddy to come forward, get out of the closet, and let’s hear if from Mr. Cruz himself, on national television, that he does not want their votes!

He can be reached at:

Cruz for President
P.O. Box 25376
Houston, TX 77265

Tel: 713-353-4330

Or by email, using this weblink:

Let me know if you get a commitment from Mr. Cruz…

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