Romney’s 47% Of Americans Are Freeloaders Statement vs Trump Loves The People – You Choose The Winner

Mitt Romney told a small group of wealthy contributors what he truly thinks of all the voters of America. He dismissed these Americans as “freeloaders who pay no taxes, who don’t assume responsibility for their lives, and who think government should take care of them.” 

You may have seen the short clip before, but the entire statement is in this one…

In an interview with Breitbart News Daily host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, Pat Caddell ,Democrat, flashed back to Romney’s infamous “47 percent” gaffe while discussing Trump’s response to questions from CNN’s Jake Tapper about an endorsement from KKK figure David Duke.

Trump’s confused answer sparked a media firestorm from his critics, despite his multiple disavowals of the KKK figure. The GOP frontrunner later claimed that he was given a “very bad earpiece” and could not clearly hear Tapper’s questions.

Romney took to Twitter to blast Trump’s answer to Tapper, calling it “disqualifying & disgusting.”

Commenting on Trump’s interview with Tapper, Caddell said, “I look at that tape over again, and I see it and I go: There’s a tired guy and he says he has a bad earpiece and he’s doing six interviews back to back — which is why you shouldn’t do the Sunday shows because none of the people watching them are going to be for you, and you’re just going to be prosecuted on most of them.”

Caddell explained that the GOP establishment is on the attack now because they are finally awake to the threat of the populist movement taking hold of the GOP primary race.

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Source: Pat Caddell