Trump Closing in Fast In The Lone Star State – New Poll Showing Possible Upset!

If Rubio loses more support in these closing hours, and Trump could gain the majority, Trump could pull an upset in the Lone Star State! Trump forces should definitely concentrate on the Rubio voters.

In two tracking polls released by Emerson College on the eve of Super Tuesday, Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton are leading in the Texas presidential primary for their respective parties, while Clinton and Donald Trump are poised for convincing wins in the Massachusetts primary race.

In his home state of Texas, Cruz has carved out a narrow lead over Trump, 35% to 32%. Cruz is up 6 points and Trump is up 4 points since initial poll results were reported five days ago. Their gains come largely at the expense of Marco Rubio, whose support fell from 25% to 16% in the same time period. Ohio’s John Kasich and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson are holding steady at 9% and 4%, respectively.

Source: Emerson College Polling Society