How To Build The Trump Wall {VIDEO}

What would it take to build the U.S./Mexico border wall Donald Trump says he’ll put up if he is elected President? Designers, engineers and architects sound off on possible materials, and timeline.

But first, the Problem analysed…


Now take a quick look at what Liberals consider a “secure border” that we have now. Of the total of almost 2000 miles, this is typical or better than most of the only 650 miles that have “protection.”


Ariel footage showing  the massive gap, miles of completely unprotected border.


Some areas, such as Elpaso, TX, have proven that a REAL wall will work.


The master of the art of the deal says the Mexicans will pay for it. And they will, because they can’t afford not to. The U.S.-Mexico trade deficit was $50 billion for 2014. It was about $54 billion for the first 11 months of 2015. That means Mexico sold the United States $54 billion more in goods and services than the United States sold to Mexico.

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Here is what some engineers have speculated for the construction, cost, and time frame involved. As with most engineers, I think they are overdoing it a bit, but it’s probably near the ballpark.