Bernie Sanders | Building Walls | A.F. Branco 



The Trump Wall has barbed wire keeping people from Mexico entering this country.

Bernie is a socialist, read that as “communist”. Communist countries are so oppressive they Must have walls to keep their citizens from fleeing. That is why Cubans will make rafts from car tires and float across more than 90 miles of shark infested waters. That’s why Mexican citizens with any gumption at all will cross miles of hostile territory to try to get here. Notice the Bernie wall has a man with a gun facing in, that man with a gun has a red star on his hat.

The Berlin Wall wasn’t to keep West Berliners out of East Berlin, it was to keep East Berliners from escaping to freedom. If you were shot by the East German guards while escaping that wall, shot but not killed, they would wait while you died before collecting your body.

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Source:  A.F. Branco 

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