Bill Clinton Mistress Posts Dark Facebook Message: ‘If You Read I Died…by Committing Suicide…Don’t Believe It!’ 

She was a former Miss Arkansas (1958) and one of Bill Clinton’s alleged mistresses. And over the weekend, she posted a chilling message on Facebook…….

“Please share. Consider this a warning,” Sally Miller’s post begins. “Trust me, no one is safe.”

Miller allegedly had an affair with Clinton in 1983, while he was still governor of Arkansas. And while the rumors and allegations regarding Clinton’s extramarital exploits run rampant, claims of sexual assault or intimidation like those of Juanita Broaddrick have been marginal.

“In 1992, my life changed forever. Without warning, I was bombarded with deception from every angle,” the post read, “There were those intent on destroying me…who seemed like regular human beings…who acted friendly, like sincere people but were, as an FBI Agent advised ‘…only out to get you. Don’t trust anyone.’”

During that period of time, according to the Washington Post, Miller said that she began receiving threatening messages from Clinton affiliates. Both the Post and the London Sunday Telegraph reported that Miller said that a Democratic Party official visited her in 1992 and warned her not to go public regarding the affair. “They knew that I went jogging by myself and he couldn’t guarantee what would happen to my pretty little legs,” Miller said.

In the post, Miller, accuses Hillary Clinton of “manning the bull-dozer that would clear the way for Bill Clinton” and advance their political careers.

“In my case, Hillary’s plan was to beat me down so I’d lose everything,” she wrote. “Then traumatized, penniless, hopeless and depressed…I would kill myself.

Miller, a former Little Rock radio talk show host, described in the post how a job offer from the Chinese government provided a “lifeline” for her to get away and begin anew as a teacher at the country’s Broadcasting Institute. “Eventually I stopped looking over my shoulder and under my bed,” she wrote.

But now, with Hillary in the thick of her own presidential campaign, Miller claimed that she fears a “repeat performance.”

“The signs are evident,” she claimed. “I’m being followed.”

Miller wrote that she has recently been “inundated with Facebook requests from young, handsome men in search of an older woman” and that her “phone rings with numbers listed as ‘unknown,’” but no one ever leaves voicemail messages.

And her allegations get stranger:

Sally Miller (Image via Facebook)

For no reason, a writer and neighbor who never so much as waved in the 8 years I’ve lived here… wants to be my friend, visit me, come into my house and share her writing tips. Now, on my early morning visits to the doggie park, men driving trucks with dark windows, stop to ask directions.

Miller alleged to have seen a pair of cars driving past her home, with tinted windows that concealed the drivers’ identities. Though Miller wrote that her house is currently for sale, the two cars driving by at the same time—during the day and at night—“constitutes a traffic jam.”

She vaguely alluded to past inklings of intimidation and the uneasiness she felt following the rumors about her and Clinton.

“Small signals but, remembering the past with its crazy — and deadly — coincidences, I have every reason to be concerned — all over again,” she wrote.

Then, she elaborated, expressing her concern for her life:

The Clinton Camp is using their old Play Book. Why change when their plan-of-intimidation proved successful in the past. Armed with limitless resources and massive teamwork, Hillary is determined to be President. Right now, she considers me a threat because of my writing. She doesn’t care if I discuss my affair with Bill — that’s old news. She wants to make certain I don’t write about her actions—-how she paid professionals to stalk me, frighten and threaten me, and, ultimately, “finish me off.”

Miller concluded the post by admitting that though she had contemplated suicide in the aftermath of her alleged affair, the temptation to do so no longer persists. In light of that, she urged those reading the post:

“In this election year, if you read I died…by committing suicide…don’t believe it.”

Source: TheBlaze /

You can’t make this stuff up! You can read Sally’s full post on her Facebook Profile 

Myra Belle “Sally” Miller — the 1958 Miss Arkansas who said in 1992 that she had had an affair with Clinton in 1983. She claimed that she had been warned not to go public by a Democratic Party official: “They knew that I went jogging by myself and he couldn’t guarantee what would happen to my pretty little legs.”

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