Police officer saves abandoned baby’s life by whipping out a boob. {Video}

In Colombia, Police Officer Luisa Fernanda Urrea is being hailed as a hero aftershe saved the life of an abandoned baby using nothing but quick thinking, compassion, and her breasts.

Urrea was called to the scene after a newborn girl was discovered in the woods, crying in the undergrowth with part of her umbilical cord still attached. The girl was starving and at risk of hypothermia after being exposed, so Urrea swaddled her. And as luck would have it, she was a new mother herself, so she generously breastfed the baby from her own milk, saving her life. Video of the heartwarming moment was uploaded to Facebook, and at the bottom of this page.

Urrea told local news,

I’m a new mother and I have milk, and I recognized the needs that this poor little creature had… I think any woman would have given her nourishment in the same circumstances.

It’s an important reminder of what a miraculous gift breastfeeding is, even if some people insist on treating it like a shameful secret. But even the most prudish milk-shamer, who thinks that babies should only drink Gatorade and bras should be padlocked by the government, would have to agree: this cop did good. If she had been more “modest,” that baby wouldn’t be alive today.

The baby is now in the custody of the Colombian Family Welfare Institute, where she is being cared for until an adoptive home can be found. Police are searching for the mother, who may face criminal charges.

Kudos to you, Office Urrea. You’ve just earned major cop points and major mom points in one move.

Sources: Yahoo Parenting