Bill Clinton Mistress Posts Dark Facebook Message: ‘If You Read I Died…by Committing Suicide…Don’t Believe It!’ 

She was a former Miss Arkansas (1958) and one of Bill Clinton’s alleged mistresses. And over the weekend, she posted a chilling message on Facebook…….

“Please share. Consider this a warning,” Sally Miller’s post begins. “Trust me, no one is safe.”

Miller allegedly had an affair with Clinton in 1983, while he was still governor of Arkansas. And while the rumors and allegations regarding Clinton’s extramarital exploits run rampant, claims of sexual assault or intimidation like those of Juanita Broaddrick have been marginal.

“In 1992, my life changed forever. Without warning, I was bombarded with deception from every angle,” the post read, “There were those intent on destroying me…who seemed like regular human beings…who acted friendly, like sincere people but were, as an FBI Agent advised ‘…only out to get you. Don’t trust anyone.’”

During that period of time, according to the Washington Post, Miller said that she began receiving threatening messages from Clinton affiliates. Both the Post and the London Sunday Telegraph reported that Miller said that a Democratic Party official visited her in 1992 and warned her not to go public regarding the affair. “They knew that I went jogging by myself and he couldn’t guarantee what would happen to my pretty little legs,” Miller said.

In the post, Miller, accuses Hillary Clinton of “manning the bull-dozer that would clear the way for Bill Clinton” and advance their political careers.

“In my case, Hillary’s plan was to beat me down so I’d lose everything,” she wrote. “Then traumatized, penniless, hopeless and depressed…I would kill myself.

Miller, a former Little Rock radio talk show host, described in the post how a job offer from the Chinese government provided a “lifeline” for her to get away and begin anew as a teacher at the country’s Broadcasting Institute. “Eventually I stopped looking over my shoulder and under my bed,” she wrote.

But now, with Hillary in the thick of her own presidential campaign, Miller claimed that she fears a “repeat performance.”

“The signs are evident,” she claimed. “I’m being followed.”

Miller wrote that she has recently been “inundated with Facebook requests from young, handsome men in search of an older woman” and that her “phone rings with numbers listed as ‘unknown,’” but no one ever leaves voicemail messages.

And her allegations get stranger:

Sally Miller (Image via Facebook)

For no reason, a writer and neighbor who never so much as waved in the 8 years I’ve lived here… wants to be my friend, visit me, come into my house and share her writing tips. Now, on my early morning visits to the doggie park, men driving trucks with dark windows, stop to ask directions.

Miller alleged to have seen a pair of cars driving past her home, with tinted windows that concealed the drivers’ identities. Though Miller wrote that her house is currently for sale, the two cars driving by at the same time—during the day and at night—“constitutes a traffic jam.”

She vaguely alluded to past inklings of intimidation and the uneasiness she felt following the rumors about her and Clinton.

“Small signals but, remembering the past with its crazy — and deadly — coincidences, I have every reason to be concerned — all over again,” she wrote.

Then, she elaborated, expressing her concern for her life:

The Clinton Camp is using their old Play Book. Why change when their plan-of-intimidation proved successful in the past. Armed with limitless resources and massive teamwork, Hillary is determined to be President. Right now, she considers me a threat because of my writing. She doesn’t care if I discuss my affair with Bill — that’s old news. She wants to make certain I don’t write about her actions—-how she paid professionals to stalk me, frighten and threaten me, and, ultimately, “finish me off.”

Miller concluded the post by admitting that though she had contemplated suicide in the aftermath of her alleged affair, the temptation to do so no longer persists. In light of that, she urged those reading the post:

“In this election year, if you read I died…by committing suicide…don’t believe it.”

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You can’t make this stuff up! You can read Sally’s full post on her Facebook Profile 

Myra Belle “Sally” Miller — the 1958 Miss Arkansas who said in 1992 that she had had an affair with Clinton in 1983. She claimed that she had been warned not to go public by a Democratic Party official: “They knew that I went jogging by myself and he couldn’t guarantee what would happen to my pretty little legs.”

Grandfather is Shot, but Shoots 3 of 3 Home Invaders Who Tried to Rape His Granddaughter

Three Armed Thugs Invaded a home and attempted to gang rape a 19-Year-Old — but They Didn’t Come Prepared for Grandpa!

The good news first: When three thugs attempted to rape his granddaughter, Grampa grabbed a gun and blasted one of them to hell. The other two didn’t do so well either.

The bad news: The hero, 67-year-old Kenneth Byrd, was seriously injured in a shootout with the three scumbags who invaded their home and terrorized Byrd, his wife and their teenage granddaughter.

Update good news: Grandpa took several bullets – but survived! Making this the feel-good story of the year!

A man who said he was having trouble with his car convinced Kenneth Byrd, age 67, to open his door. His wife and 19 year old granddaughter were at home at the time.

That was all the opportunity the three man home invasion crew needed. The trio burst into the home, guns drawn and threatened the residents.

One of the suspects was found dead in Byrd’s car nearby. The other 2 suspects showed up at an area hospital suffering from gunshot wounds. Byrd had connected on 3 out of 3 targets, even after being shot multiple times.

ABC 11 News Reports:

A Lumberton man is recovering after exchanging gunfire with three suspects who forced their way into his home and allegedly attempted to rape his granddaughter. Robeson County Sheriff Kenneth Sealey said around 10 p.m. Monday, deputies were called to 67-year-Kenneth Byrd’s home in the 100 block of Yedda Road in east Lumberton about a reported shooting.

When authorities arrived, they found Byrd suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. His wife, 65-year-old Judy Byrd, and their 19-year-old granddaughter were also at the home.

The family told officials that the incident started when a man came to their door claiming to have car problems and needed water. Two other men wearing black clothing, ski masks and gloves then forced their way into the house and demanded money.

All three suspects were armed.

The elderly couple was forced to the back of the home and ordered to open a safe. Then the losers made their fatal mistake: They tried to rape the couple’s granddaughter, which prompted Kenneth Byrd to grab his gun and start blasting the bastards. Go Grampa!

All the invaders were injured, before fleeing in Byrd’s Cadillac. 20-year-old Jamie Lee Faison, was later found dead from a gunshot wound inside Byrd’s stolen vehicle on Singletary Church Road in Lumberton. Shame. Hate when that happens.

For those keeping score, that’s Second Amendment: 3, Scumbags: 0

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Ohio Man Arrested at San Diego Airport, Allegedly Sought Sex With Infants – Move Over, Jared Fogle!

WARNING: This article contains descriptions of an alleged crime whose details may be disturbing to some readers.

A 23-year-old Ohio man was arrested by federal agents in San Diego on Friday for allegedly planning to have sex with multiple infants in Mexico, authorities said.

Joel A. Wright, 23, is seen in a photo provided by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Joel A. Wright, 23, is seen in a photo provided by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Joel A. Wright, a resident of Columbus, was charged with two felony counts: crossing state lines with the intention to engage in a sexual act with a minor, and attempting to travel “in interstate and foreign commerce” for the purpose of engaging in illegal sexual conduct with another person, according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of California.

Wright is expected to be arraigned on Monday.

The suspect was taken into custody at San Diego International Airport by special agents with U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement, following a monthslong investigation into child sexual exploitation, according to a news release from the agency.

Dave Shaw, special agent in charge of ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations in San Diego, said in a statement: “Pedophiles who mistakenly believe they can escape justice by committing child sex crimes outside the U.S. should be on notice that HSI will seek to vindicate the rights of those victims regardless of where they live.”

“Fortunately, in this instance, our perseverance and diligence prevented the sexual exploitation of yet another innocent victim,” Shaw added.

According to the criminal complaint, an undercover ICE agent received a tip that prompted the agent to take over an email account and begin corresponding with Wright.

Joel Wright, 23, was arrested by undercover federal agents at San Diego International Airport on Jan. 29, 2016, officials said. (Credit: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement)

Joel Wright, 23, was arrested by undercover federal agents at San Diego International Airport on Jan. 29, 2016, officials said. (Credit: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement)

The suspect believed he was still communicating with a Mexico-based male tour guide whom he had met after placing an ad on Craigslist, the news release said. During the email conversations with the ICE investigator, “Wright allegedly stated that he wanted to travel to Tijuana to adopt or own a child under 3 years old and have intercourse with the child,” the statement said.

The suspect later booked a flight from Ohio and made arrangements to meet the friend of a tour guide at San Diego’s Lindbergh Field, according to prosecutors. Wright allegedly planned to travel across the border with the tour guide to a Tijuana hotel, where he would meet the female infants, the news release said.

Photos provided by ICE show plainclothes agents taking Wright into custody on a sidewalk outside of a terminal at the airport, a spokeswoman for the agency said. One of the images shows a handcuffed man in a baseball cap being escorted away by Homeland Security personnel.

The investigation was conducted as part of ICE’s Operation Predator, launched in 2003 and described by the agency as “an international initiative to protect children from sexual predators.” Since the operation’s inception, federal investigators have arrested more than 12,000 individuals for crimes against children, “including the production and distribution of online child pornography, traveling overseas for sex with minors, and sex trafficking of children,” the statement said.

Anyone with information about suspected child predators or suspicious activity was encouraged to call U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s tip line at 866-DHS-2-ICE or complete its online tip form.

Joel Wright, 23, was arrested by undercover federal agents at San Diego International Airport on Jan. 29, 2016, officials said. (Credit: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement)

Joel Wright, 23, was arrested by undercover federal agents at San Diego International Airport on Jan. 29, 2016, officials said. (Credit: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement)

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American Medical Association Votes To BAN Prescription Drug Commercials 



AMA board chair-elect Patrice Harris said that the vote “reflects concerns among physicians about the negative impact of commercially-driven promotions,” specifically railing on the drug companies getting people hooked on expensive drugs.

To this point, the United States and New Zealand are the only two countries in the world that allow direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs.  With the push for the ban by one of the most prestigious medical establishments in the country, we should listen.

They are also demanding greater transparency in prescription drug prices and costs.


Other doctors are joining the cause.   Michael Carome, M.D., director of Public Citizen’s Health Research division, stated: “We agree that such advertising is primarily promotional,” explaining that it is “not educational” and that it “drives up the cost of drugs.”

It is now up to the US Congress to pass the ban.

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Trump Vet Benefit – Here’s The Money Trail…


Officials with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign still aren’t saying exactly how much they’ll donate to veterans charities or when they’ll start sending checks, but they have offered a list of 22 organizations in line to be beneficiaries.

Among them are Disabled Veterans of America’s Charitable Trust, the Fisher House Foundation, the Navy Seal Foundation and a host of lesser-known groups with targeted veterans assistance programs.

Trump claims to have raised more than $6 million at his Thursday rally in Iowa, launched as a protest event after the business mogul refused to attend a Fox News debate over complaints about moderator choices.

Of that total, $1 million came from Trump’s own fortune. All of the money was collected by the nonprofit Donald J. Trump Foundation, and the business mogul has promised the funds will be distributed among the groups.

On Friday, officials from the DAV Charitable Trust released a statement saying Trump’s campaign has informed them a donation is coming.

“While we are grateful for this support, it is our sincere wish that all who seek public office will provide the American public with substantive information on their vision for the future of veterans’ health care and benefits,” officials said.

“We hope all candidates will support our cause. We will use these funds to ensure our fellow veterans receive the care they have earned through their service and sacrifices. The receipt of a donation from Mr. Trump’s foundation does not imply an endorsement for his political campaign.”

Officials from another potential beneficiary, the Texas-based 22Kill — a reference to the estimated 22 U.S. veterans who commit  suicide each day — appeared on stage with Trump at Thursday’s rally and praised the Republican front-runner for his generosity.

Trump officials also noted that several of the charities receiving money from the event are Iowa-based veterans organizations. The first presidential primary event will be held in Iowa on Monday.

Campaign officials did not respond to requests for further details on how the groups were selected or the distribution.

Here is the full list of groups listed as event beneficiaries:

American Hero Adventures (Eugene, Ore.)

Disabled American Veterans Charitable Trust (Cold Spring, Ky.)

Fisher House Foundation (Rockville, Md.)

Folds of Honor (Owasso, Okla.)

Homes for our Troops (Taunton, Mass.)

Honoring America’s Warriors (El Reno, Okla.)

Hope for the Warriors (Annandale, Va.)

K9s for Warriors (Ponte Vedra, Fla.)

Liberty House (Manchester, N.H.)

Mulberry Street Veterans Shelter (Des Moines, Iowa)

Navy Seal Foundation (Virginia Beach, Va.)

Operation Homefront (Quincy, Mass.)

Partners for Patriots (Liberty, Tenn.)

Project for Patriots (Sioux City, Iowa)

Puppy Jake (Des Moines, Iowa)

Racing for Heroes (Mill Hall, Pa.)

Support Siouxland Soldiers (Sioux City, Iowa)

Task Force Dagger Foundation (McKinney, Texas)

The Green Beret Foundation (San Antonio)

Veterans Airlift Command (St. Louis Park, Minn.)

Warriors for Freedom (Stillwater, Okla.)

22Kill (Dallas)

Leo Shane III covers Congress, Veterans Affairs and the White House for Military Times. He can be reached at

Source: Military Times

FBI Drone Video Captures Moment Of LaVoy Finicum’s Death – Graphic Warning



In an unexpected move, the FBI released video Thursday of state police officers fatally shooting one of the armed Oregon protesters who took over a remote wildlife refuge as a sign of protest against government land-grabbing and over-reaching.

Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, 56, died Tuesday during the arrest of occupation ringleader Ammon Bundy and four others during a traffic stop near the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. His death was captured on video taken from an FBI plane that shot footage as Finicum, driving a white truck, was pursued and ultimately confronted and killed by Oregon State Police officers.

“I want to caution you that the video does show the shooting death of LaVoy Finicum,” said Greg Bretzing, the special agent in charge of the FBI field office in Portland. “We realize that viewing that piece of the video will be upsetting to some people, but we feel that it is necessary to show the whole thing unedited in the interest of transparency.”

This is a shortened and edited version of FBI footage showing the joint FBI and Oregon State Police traffic stop and OSP officer-involved shooting of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

You’ll note that Finicum was shot by an Oregon State Police Trooper at relatively close range as he appeared to be reaching into his coat in a manner consistent with attempting to draw a handgun.

Flash bangs were then deployed in an effort to get the other occupants of the vehicle to surrender.

Update: Additional commentary via USA Today:

Bretzing said Finicum eventually pulled the truck over and was ordered by officers to surrender.

“Finicum leaves the truck and steps through the snow,” Bretzing said. “Agents and troopers on scene had information that Finicum and others would be armed. On at least two occasions, Finicum reaches his right hand toward a pocket on the left inside portion of his jacket. He did have a loaded 9 mm semi-automatic handgun in that pocket. At this time, OSP troopers shot Finicum.”

FBI agents are not generally equipped with body cameras, but video of the incident involving Finicum was captured by the FBI plane. The footage at times is obscured by trees but at one point, Finicum can be seen reaching toward his jacket pocket.

The FBI said agents and troopers found three other loaded weapons inside the truck: two .223 caliber semi-automatic rifles and a .38 special revolver.


Donald Trump’s Official Voter Registration Records Have Been Leaked – Hold On To Your Hats, This Could Be Devastating!


Donald Trump’s official voter registration history has been released, with results that may be shocking to some of his followers. This could cause some major concerns to those following the campaign.

I was just kidding about the “Devastating” part, to get some of my Liberal friends to read the article.

One rumor can be put to rest. The Daily Mail released Donald Trump’s official voting record showing that he was a registered Republican since at least 1980, throwing water on the theory that he was at one time a Democrat.

Copies of the official registration record show that he was a registered Republican since at least 1980, throwing water on the theory that he was at one time a Democrat.

A political operative who consults with a GOP Trump opponent provided the document to

They show election dates when each Trump voter, what type of ballot they used (for instance, R for ‘regular’ and A for ‘absentee’) and a column marked ‘voter type’ – always R for ‘registered,’ according to a New York City elections division clerk.

A clerk who answered a call Thursday at the New York City Board of Elections said the records, as dictated over the phone, were accurate.

Trump Record Don



Trump Record Ivanka

Trump record MELANIA

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Trump Raises Nearly 6 Million For Veterans At Benefit Rally During The GOP Debate

DES MOINES, Iowa  — If Donald Trump had any second thoughts about skipping the GOP debate, he certainly didn’t show it as he took the stage before a raucous crowd at Drake University on Thursday night to say that he had raised nearly $6 million for veterans in one day.

The entire event was put together in less than 24 hours. 

For several days now, the pundits have pontificated about the damage that Trump’s decision could inflict on his campaign. But, comparing his crowd and the number of cameras to the Academy Awards, Trump waved off the notion that Iowans would see him as a sore loser.

“We love our vets,” Trump said.

“When you’re treated badly you have to stick up for your rights,” Trump added, alluding to his relationship with Fox. “And that’s what our country has to do.”

“We have to stick up for our country when we’re being mistreated.”

He added that Fox had been “extremely nice,” but it was too late. In an interview with CNN just before the rally, Trump said Fox News “apologized” to him for a mocking statement the television network issued.

Also appearing with Trump were two men who didn’t make the prime-time debate, and the two most recent winners of the Iowa Caucuses: Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee.

‘Donald Trump isn’t scared of anything’

Trump supporters who waited hours in the cold to see him roundly disputed the notion that he would see any attrition in his support in Iowa, where he has led in recent polls.

In interviews, many voters here said the controversy was yet another example of Trump bucking the establishment — a trait that has endeared them to him from the beginning — and that they were proud of him standing up to Fox News.

Ernie Ratcliffe, an army veteran who served two tours in Vietnam, drove in from Kansas City for the rally, scoffed when asked for his thoughts on Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s contention that Trump skipped the debate because he was afraid of taunts or difficult questions from the Fox moderators or rival candidates.

“Donald Trump isn’t scared of anything. He’s not scared of absolutely anything,” said Ratcliffe, who has signed up with his wife to call New Hampshire voters on Trump’s behalf next week. “Donald J. Trump said he was going to do this and he’s done it. He’s a man of his word.”

Ratcliffe said he was convinced that Trump was the only candidate who could clean up the Department of Veterans Affairs and that it would be “one of the first things he does when he gets into office.”

“He’s going to get it squared away,” Ratlcliffe said. “It’s not going to take him very long to do it. He’s going to put the right people in. He knows how to manage things. He’s a very successful businessman. He’s going to get it done very quickly and very, very well.”

Randal Thom, a former Marine who was among the first admitted to Trump’s event, said he loved it that Trump refused to back down.

“When it came out yesterday that he was actually doing this (rally) in less than 24 hours, it was amazing,” Thom said. “It just shows he has the ability to rally and get things done.”

Thom, who raises Alaskan Malamute and Pomalute puppies in Minnesota, and plans to spend Monday in Iowa volunteering for Trump, dismissed Cruz as “a Canadian born citizen” and described the Texas senator, as well as the other GOP contenders as “weak.”

“Trump is a 100% strongman. He’s bullet proof,” Thom said. “People say, ‘Oh look at his background. Look at the number of wives he’s had.’ You know what? I don’t care about that. What I care about is his future.”

Inside the auditorium where Trump spoke, the campaign reserved special seating for veterans, many of them disabled, and Trump recognized them as he took the stage.


{VIDEO} 9 Year Old Boy Weds 62 Year Old Bride In South Africa!


A couple in South Africa have taken the May-December relationship paradigm to the extreme by wedding for a second time – despite the 53-year age gap separating them.

Saneie Masilela, 9, and Helen Shabangu, 62, tied the knot in a ritual aimed at pleasing their ancestors.

Saneie, from Tshwane, became one of the world’s youngest grooms last year when the then-eight-year-old married a 61-year-old Helen at his home.

He claimed he had been told by his ancestors to form a union with the mother-of-five.

However, in spite of his tender age, Saneie’s family acquiesced to the marriage, gifting £500 to the bride and a further £1,000 for the wedding day itself.

Tradition states that a couple should declare their vows in both their homes so, this year, Saneie and Helen partook in another ceremony at the bride’s house in Ximhungwe, in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

The youngster is seen decked out in a grey tuxedo and purple shirt. He kisses his older bride, before friends and relatives enjoy food and dancing.

Saneie’s mother Patience said, “I know it’s what the ancestors wanted.

“If we hadn’t done what my son had asked, then something bad would have happened in the family.”

Helen is already married to Alfred Shabangu, 67.

Before your brain explodes, the couple are married only symbolically and do not live together or have sexual relations.

Saneie said: “I’m happy that I married Helen, but I will go to school and study hard. When I’m older, I will marry a lady my own age.’’