{VIDEO} Macaulay Culkin Plays the Home Alone Kid As a Psycho Uber Driver! Complete 1st Episode!


He torched a man alive. He made a barefoot guy walk through broken glass. The list of atrocities goes on. But two psychos were threatening to rip his nails out, to murder him, so he didn’t have any other choice, right? Kevin McCallister was an 8-year-old child, abandoned by his family, home alone, and threatened. What would you have done? Would you be able to sleep at night? No. The things little Kevin did will haunt him decades later, but they’ll also excite him a little.

This is the premise for :DRYVRS, the new web series from Jack Dishel that focuses on the people who pick us up in Ubers. In the first episode, Macaulay Culkin reprises his role as Kevin from Home Alone, grown up, driving an Uber, and still tortured by his childhood. Buckle up.

Here is the complete first episode…