{VIDEO} Reporter’s On-air Spat with Weatherman Goes Viral: ‘I’m done with you!’

Sometimes when you feel you’re right, you just can’t let it go, even if you happen to be in the middle of a live news broadcast in one of America’s largest cities.

Two anchors from Chicago’s legendary WGN studios couldn’t agree over how well traffic was flowing – or not – through O’Hare International Airport.

Weatherman Demetrius Ivory said the storms that swept through much of the Midwest Wednesday were causing significant delays.

Tonya Francisco who was reporting from the airport looked around and disagreed.

“I’m just talking like I see it,” said Francisco. “You see, I’m outside. I see what’s going on. You are inside talking about some little weather maps.”

Much to the amusement of those in the studio who can be heard laughing, Francisco began to read the airport boards and even noted there was one early arrival.

With a little egg on his face, Ivory asked his coworker for a little support.

“There’s a delay somewhere,” Ivory responded. “The least you could do is just help me out.”


That wasn’t going to happen.

Instead, Francisco took a friendly dig even deeper. “At risk of being attacked brutally, and needlessly from Demetrius, it’s not raining out here! And there are NO cancellations!” she joked pointing at the boards.

Francisco also touted checking Facebook and claimed to be getting all the support for her side of the story.

That’s when Ivory had enough, and with a coy smile said, “I’m done with you.”

WGN is locally known for its often light-hearted and witty reporting. Clearly the station enjoyed the back-and-forth and posted it online for all to enjoy.


Source: BizPac Review

5 Ways to Survive Christmas Dinner Sitting Across From Your Sanctimonious Left-Wing Relatives Who Studied the DNC Talking Points 

The Democratic National Committee has oh-so-helpfully put together a list of talking points to destroy your “Christian-conservative uncle” (’cause everyone has one of those awful creatures) at the Christmas table.

Here’s a list for the rest of us, to help us deal with the relatives that may have studied that list and intend to start a problem over cranberry sauce.

Have a Designated Safe Space Ready

If your regressive, overeducated college-aged nephew (who thinks socialism is a new idea) shows up in his glitter beard and neck scarf, and suddenly starts waxing ineloquently about racial discrimination on his campus, immediately show him to the “safe space” you have created just for him in the extra bedroom upstairs, far away from the rest of the family. Make sure to outfit the room with boxes of Kleenex for his tears, some footie pajamas, an Ani DiFranco CD, and some adult coloring books and crayons. Inform him that the family will be ready to receive him back into the slightly less safe space of conversation when he pulls it together.

Emergency Vegan Meal

If your Aunt Miranda complains about animal cruelty and starts to try to convert you to veganism, grab the Morningstar frozen dinner you have stashed away for just this moment and throw it in the microwave. Serve it to her in the plastic tray. Don’t allow her to go near the homemade stuffing (it has chicken broth in it!) or the handmade pies (those migrant workers who picked those apples were poorly treated!) and slap her hand when she goes for Gramma’s awesome cheeseball (dairy cows are people too!). Make sure everyone knows that Aunt Miranda can’t possibly touch anything other than her frozen vegan tofurkey because nothing else in the house is “fair-trade” or “cruelty-free.” No one would want to force Aunt Miranda to compromise her values.

Anti-Socialism Plan

When your twenty-year-old nephew emerges from his safe space and wants to start talking about the benefits of socialism and Bernie Sanders, immediately take his plate and redistribute his food to the dogs. Leave him with the green bean casserole and half a roll. If he complains, tell him he had an overprivileged plate and he’s a greedy bastard for not wanting to share with the less fortunate animals in the house who don’t have thumbs or the ability to work to buy their own turkey. Be prepared to use the safe space again.

Anti-Capitalism Plan

When your nephew’s girlfriend brings up the evils of capitalism and the evil of money, apologize profusely for spending a small fortune on her meal. Promptly take an itemization of her plate and total it up. Tell her you take cash only and apologize again for offending her with your gaudy display of wealth. Do not allow her access to the safe space until her bill is paid.

Practicing Gun Control

The president has decided that we should all discuss gun control over turkey. Of all the dumb ideas, this one isn’t so bad. If any of your more vocal guests should start complaining that we need better gun control, heartily agree and direct everyone outside for target shooting. Arm your more squeamish guests with Red Ryder BB guns and have at it! (Make sure you keep track of hits and award a prize to the best shot. No participation trophies in this house!)

The truth is, no one wants to talk about politics on Christmas. The myth that most family holidays are insufferable is foisted on us by the bitter Left. Most people enjoy their loved ones on holidays and aren’t actively plotting how to one up one another. But in the unlikely case that you have one of the sanctimonious missionaries of socialism in your midst… you’ll know what to do.

Source: PJ Media

{VIDEO} Macaulay Culkin Plays the Home Alone Kid As a Psycho Uber Driver! Complete 1st Episode!


He torched a man alive. He made a barefoot guy walk through broken glass. The list of atrocities goes on. But two psychos were threatening to rip his nails out, to murder him, so he didn’t have any other choice, right? Kevin McCallister was an 8-year-old child, abandoned by his family, home alone, and threatened. What would you have done? Would you be able to sleep at night? No. The things little Kevin did will haunt him decades later, but they’ll also excite him a little.

This is the premise for :DRYVRS, the new web series from Jack Dishel that focuses on the people who pick us up in Ubers. In the first episode, Macaulay Culkin reprises his role as Kevin from Home Alone, grown up, driving an Uber, and still tortured by his childhood. Buckle up.

Here is the complete first episode…

Russian Contortionist Zlata Shows Off Her Amazing Talents! 


RUSSIAN contortionist Zlata – dubbed the bendiest woman in the world –has released her latest calendar.

NikitZo / Barcroft Media
Latex lady … Kinky blonde does standing splits NikitZo / Barcroft Media


NikitZo / Barcroft Media
Silky skills … Zlata shows off her gifts in black stockings NikitZo / Barcroft Media

The 5ft 8inch former gymnast, who now lives in Germany, can twist her body into mindblowing shapes.Zlata was especially keen to show off her unique gift this year because of her recent split with her hubby – hoping to ‘emphasise her talents’ with her most recent collection of incredible snaps for 2016.

NikitZo / Barcroft Media
Superwoman … Zlata NikitZo / Barcroft Media

The latest kinky calendar – titled ‘Beauty Embodied in Flexibility’ – shows her in a variety of raunchy poses, decked out in leather and lingerie.The bendy beauty has broken several Guinness World Records, including “the most beer bottles opened with feet in one minute while standing on elbows” and can even cram herself into a tiny 50cm box.

NikitZo / Barcroft Media
Lady in red … former gymnast ’emphasising her talents’ NikitZo / Barcroft Media

Zlata, whose real name is Julia Guenthel, spends most of her time training and travels around the world performing, including in Europe, India and Hong Kong.

NikitZo / Barcroft Media
My back’s in knots! … Zlata relaxing in bed in not-so-comfortable looking pose NikitZo / Barcroft Media
NikitZo / Barcroft Media
Bendy beauty … Zlata in her latex lingerie NikitZo / Barcroft Media
NikitZo / Barcroft Media
Solid gold … new calendar is bound to be a hit with her fans NikitZo / Barcroft Media
NikitZo / Barcroft Media
Bending over backwards … contortionist is so eager to show off her skills NikitZo / Barcroft Media
NikitZo / Barcroft Media
Bendy blonde Zlata has a rare condition that makes her so flexible NikitZo / Barcroft Media
NikitZo / Barcroft Media
Twist and pout … Zlata shows off skills NikitZo / Barcroft Media
NikitZo / Barcroft Media
Human candy cane … bending backwards NikitZo / Barcroft Media
NikitZo / Barcroft Media
Twinkle toes … ballerina shot shows incredible flexibility NikitZo / Barcroft Media

Source: Russian contortionist Zlata releases new calender for 2016 | The Sun |Features

Experts Agree Trump Muslim Ban Constitutional and Warranted…


While the liberal media has condemned Donald Trump’s call for a ban on Muslim immigrants as “disqualifying” and “toxic,” former President Barack Obama may have only himself to blame as President Trump succeeds in putting his plan, or some version of it, into action.

In his efforts to work around Congress, Obama has made the aggressive use of executive power, particularly on immigration, an increasingly effective and politically accepted presidential tool. While legal scholars are divided on whether Obama has accelerated or merely continued a drift of power toward the executive branch, there’s little debate that he’s paved a path for his successor.

Depending on who that is, many Obama backers could rue the day they cheered his “pen-and-phone” campaign to get past Republican opposition in Congress. The unilateral steps he took to raise environmental standards, tighten gun control measures and ease the threat of deportation for millions of immigrants in the U.S. illegally, serves as precedent for moves they won’t cheer.

“You know the great thing about executive orders, I don’t have to go back to Congress,” Trump said recently at rally in Manassas, Va.

“We’re unsigning a lot of executive orders, especially his order that basically lets anybody they want just pour into our country,” Trump said. “That’s going to end.”

And Trump’s plan is backed by much precedent and long standing legal definitions.

Under U.S. Code, the president does have the statutory authority to keep anyone out of the country, for any reason he thinks best. Per 8 USC §1182:

“Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

Any such blanket action based on a person’s religion would be unconstitutional if applied to U.S. citizens, scholars agree.

But courts have given Congress and the president wide discretion when it comes to immigration.

No less an authority than Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has said it is naive to think the country would never again resort to such harsh measures, particularly during wartime.

“That’s what was going on – the panic about the war and the invasion of the Pacific and whatnot. That’s what happens,” Scalia said on a visit to Hawaii in 2014, describing the mood in America following Pearl Harbor that led to the internment camps. “It was wrong, but I would not be surprised to see it happen again, in time of war. It’s no justification, but it is the reality.”

“I don’t actually think it would be unconstitutional. The president has a huge amount of discretion under the immigration statute,” said Eric Posner, a constitutional law professor at the University of Chicago. The same protections given citizens do not apply to people who are neither American nor in the United States, Posner said.

Posner pointed out that the Supreme Court “has held consistently, for more than a century, that constitutional protections that normally benefit Americans and people on American territory do not apply when Congress decides who to admit and who to exclude as immigrants or other entrants.”

He said while the court hasn’t ruled specifically on religious discrimination, “it has also never given the slightest indication that religion would be exempt from this general rule.”

Courts have upheld the denial of visas to enter the country to Marxists and people born to parents who were not married, among many categories. The Supreme Court has never struck down an immigration classification on the basis of race or any other reason, said Temple University immigration expert Peter Spiro.

We asked Stephen H. Legomsky, of Washington University School of Law, who was chief counsel at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency under President Barack Obama from 2011 to 2013. Most recently the professor served briefly as senior counselor to the Secretary of Homeland Security on immigration issues.

He referred to the plenary power doctrine that “states that the courts should show exceptional deference to Congress when it legislates in the field of immigration,” Mr. Legomsky told Law Blog. It was first laid down by the Supreme Court in the late 1880s when justices upheld the Chinese Exclusion Act, a federal law that suspended immigration of Chinese laborers.

Prof. Eugene Volokh of UCLA—one of the top First Amendment scholars in America—says about this proposed ban that there are no limits on Congress’s power over immigration, per the Supreme Court’s earlier cases (even though he also called Trump’s proposed policy an “abomination”). Prof. Eric Posner of the University of Chicago is less confident in predicting an outcome, but says the ban would probably be upheld by the courts.

There are legal challenges that have been raised by some lawyers, but all of these fail. Some say it violates the Religious Test Clause of the Constitution, but that says only that people seeking federal office cannot be denied public office because of their religion.

In fact, the Legal Information Institute at Cornell cites this provision of federal law:

Whenever the president finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

“I would add that, in Kleindienst v. Mandel (1972), the Supreme Court applied the ‘plenary power doctrine’ to the exclusion of people based on their political beliefs, despite the Free Speech Clause. The cases that Posner is referring to, together with Kleindienst, suggest that the exclusion of people based on their religious beliefs is likewise constitutional.”

He noted that, “at this point, the precedents counsel in favor of the constitutionality of such a rule.”

Posner pointed out there even is a precedent for Trump’s idea.

“In 1891, Congress passed a statute that made inadmissible people who practice polygamy (directed, at the time, at Mormons), and in 1907 extended this ban to people who ‘who admit their belief in the practice of polygamy.’ While Congress later repealed the latter provision (the former seems to be still on the books), no court – as far I know – ruled it unconstitutional.”

He said it’s clear, “The plenary power doctrine is universally loathed by scholars and some have argued that it is effectively a dead letter. But any honest answer to a journalist’s question about whether Trump’s plan to ban Muslim immigration is unconstitutional should start with the plenary powers doctrine, and observe that it would be an uphill battle to persuade the Supreme Court to abandon a century of precedent.”

He said it’s unfortunate that scholars – “who certainly know better” – are telling journalists who don’t like Trump’s ideas what they want to hear.

“Not everything that is stupid or offensive is unconstitutional,” he said.

The high court has reaffirmed the doctrine in a 1972 ruling denying entry to a self-described “revolutionary Marxist” from Belgium who sought a temporary visa.

UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh told Law Blog that Mr. Trump’s plan “may be a very bad idea, but under the plenary power doctrine it may very well be constitutional.”

It doesn’t appear that Mr. Trump would have to get congressional approval before advancing the Muslim ban, said Temple University law professor Peter Spiro. Congress has already given the president broad powers to suspend the entry of “any class of aliens as immigrants” if their entry would “be detrimental” to the nation’s interests.


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Did Sam Kinison Speak With Angels?

It was about 8:30 P.M. Friday night on April 10, 1992, when comedian Sam Kinison was killed in a head on collision with a pickup truck. Kinison had just been married a week before and was travelling from Los Angeles with his newlywed wife, Malika, to a sold out performance in Laughlin, Nevada.

Kinison was completely sober, and drug free at that point in his life, but the teenagers barreling down the wrong side of the highway that night were smashed out of their minds.

Sam had seen the truck coming, and slowed his Trans Am down to just 15 miles per hour, but he wasn’t wearing his seat belt. At impact he was thrown into the windshield, and suffered multiple traumatic injuries.

In the first moments after impact Kinison seemed as if he were going to make it, but within minutes he appeared to know he was about to die.

Witnesses stated that Kinison appeared to be holding a conversation in which he stated, “I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die.”

As the conversation continued Sam said, “But why?”

And finally, Kinison stated, “Okay, Okay, Okay”.

The last “Okay” was stated in a very gentle and loving manner, as if he were talking with someone he knew, and loved.

Efforts to resuscitate him failed. He was just 38 years old.

The Question Is – Are We Ever Truly Alone?

To whom, or what was Sam Kinison conversing with while he died?

Religious Answers Arrive Quickly – But At What Cost?

For those with traditional religious beliefs the answer might come easy for a religious person could offer the explanation that Sam Kinison was speaking to God, perhaps an angel, or even the Devil, or a demon.

The problem with religious explanations is that they offer an explanation without any means to test those explanations for validity. Such answers beg for more proof, and there never has been any when it comes to claims for the existence of a God, or afterlife. Religion itself all but eliminates the intellectual discourse and the rational quest for verifiable truth about the nature of reality, and human experience. For that reason I must dismiss any religious explanations, despite how warm, and wondrous it makes me feel about life, and death. While I do not reject God, I must not accept another human being’s authoritarian religious explanation for anything for it would spell my doom as a creature desirous of rationality, and intellectual integrity. If there is a God I don’t see that God as scornful of the scientific method as most fundamentalist believe God must be.

For those less inclined to ascribe, or accept, religious explanations an answer comes with less certainty, so I’ll offer several, and in the end I must admit that these explanations are only possibilities with an undetermined level of assigned probability.

Explanation – A Near Death Hallucination?

Victims of brain trauma may be especially vulnerable to neurotransmitter level imbalances, and it would be easy to point to hallucination as the explanation for Mr. Kinison’s final conversation. We all hold an inner dialog, even without being aware of that dialog at times. Under extremely stressful situations the conscious mind could rely upon a disassociated stated to filter out perceptions which would cause shock. In fact such a mechanism if it exist could very well be the result of brain design, and evolutionary selection. Those animals capable of maintaining a level of function while in extreme distress, and injury may have one last chance to survive. An elk which continues to kick while within the clutches of a predator may get lucky, and land a severe enough blow to the predator so as to escape what would seem to be an impossible situation. Therefore a flood of speed like neurotransmitters, and pain killing opiates perhaps paired with a hallucination of running might be designed within the very circuitry of the animal brain.

Kinison’s “Hallucination” Would Have Been dysfunctional

If Mr. Kinison was only experiencing a hallucination, which allowed him to handle the extreme situation which he found himself in, then why did it take the form of a conversation in which Mr. Kinison was being informed that he was going to die? Such a conversation hallucination would seem only to add to Mr. Kinison’s stress at precisely the moment he would need to be calmed. Why didn’t the hallucination tell Mr. Kinison that he was going to live? If near death experiences are only hallucinations meant to help people get through a stressful situation it appears to have taken a rather odd form in the case of Mr. Kinison.

Occam’s Razor – Are The Simplest Solutions Always The Best?

Despite any preference for a keep it simple Occam’s Razor approach, which modern science purports is the best, I suspect that our culture’s limited understanding of the workings of the human brain will one day show that the simplest approach isn’t always the best when it comes to understanding human mind.

While I will always refrain from endorsing a religious approach to understanding human experience I do believe it is possible that a “religious” explanation has certain advantages under certain circumstances, and this might be one. There may be some wisdom intertwined within religious beliefs which can be dissected scientifically, and which may yield some possible explanations which are more holistic, more quantum in nature than a reductionist approach based upon our current and rather primitive understanding of the human mind.

Explanation – Interface With A Second Sentient Entity

Was it just a part of himself, or was Sam interacting with an another sentient entity?

If Mr. Kinison was conversing with another sentient entity what type of entity could interact with a dying man, seemingly from within his own mind?

MultiVerse Trans Dimensional Consciousness Symbiosis

If the electro chemical computer which underpins human consciousness were in some way connected to another sentience outside the confines of the human body this might explain the death accompanying experience. Some Multiverse theories (i.e., other world theories) state that every possible time line which is possible will exist, and that each time line is yoked to the other through entanglement.

Transdimensional entanglement would have allowed the brain to evolve into a electro chemical quantum computer, capable of “feeling out” every possible result of any calculation at incredible speeds, but due to causality restrictions only the subconscious mind is able to interface directly with the multitude of dimensions. The conscious mind is provided with only a fraction of the final product of any such calculation since the conscious mind is capable of collapsing wave forms.

In alternate timelines Sam Kinison is still alive because he wore his seat belt. Thus it is possible that Sam Kinison as he approached his death in this time line was speaking to his own subconscious in another time line through the process of entanglement. The restriction on passing “information” only applies in cases in which “information” would create a paradox. In dream states, or altered states such as the near death, and death accompanying experience the conscious mind takes a back seat to the subconscious mind. The subconscious watches, but mostly in a passive sense, and therefore can not disturb a timeline through a transtemporal paradox.

The Watchers

Another possibility is that an entity possibly non-biological based upon advanced technology has developed the ability to record human thought from a distance. Possibly opening nano scale wormholes at will in far flung regions of space time. Current theory argues that such a technology may be possible. If it is possible at all and any form of sentient life managed to survive long enough then it is probable that such a connection exist without human detection.

Such a civilization would be able to automate the process of opening nano scale wormholes by yoking particle accelerators to artificially intelligent quantum computers. Entangled particles could be injected through the nano scale wormholes and act as transdimensional sensors. Transdimensional interferometers would be capable of sensing weak electromagnetic fields generated by the brain across vast oceans of space and time.

The same technology could be used to network with other quantum computers in a subspace field – that is to connect to a human mind through a technological form of telepathy. It may be possible to record thoughts, spark memory recalls and record them, and recreate them in the same way the human brain does – download human experience into an remote artificial intelligence matrix – creating an afterlife at the point of death of a human being.

This could account for the thousands of stories which are referred to as near death experiences.

Wrap Up

Just what or whom was Sam Kinison speaking to while he was dying we may never know for sure, or more likely we already know, but the possibilities are much greater than just a hallucination, or even angels. The most important aspect of this event as I see it is that each of us “knows” our own fate. It is how we choose to use that information either consciously, or subconsciously that defines our life.

To all those offended that I chose not to review a religious explanation – ask yourself what then would there have been to review? If magic is involved we have no way of understanding any aspect of an event since magic and religion excludes the possibility of human understanding of the underlying process.

Note also, that for all I know Sam Kinison may be in heaven right now, but whether he is or not I would still be asking how it is that such a heaven could exist, and how it is that a God could accomplish the preservation of individual “souls”.

Source: JeromeProphet: Did Sam Kinison Speak With Angels?

{VIDEOS} Trump Vindicated: CBS News, NYC Police Commissioner, Dan Rather, Howard Stern Callers On 911, 2001 And More! 


The DC Media has spent weeks attempting to destroy Donald Trump with lies. Outright lies, and they are doing so in order to protect a 14 year-old cover up. Not only have eyewitnesses and contemporaneous reports proven Donald Trump 100% correct about Muslims celebrating 9/11, a just-uncovered local CBS News (WCBS-TV in New York) report completely vindicates Trump’s claim of “thousands and thousands” of Muslims celebrating the fall of the World Trade Center.

The video below is from a September 16, 2001 news report:

In an exclusive interview with One America News Network’s Cameron Cramer, NYC Police Commissioner on 9/11, Bernard Kerik, confirms Trump’s statements of numerous celebrations after the 9/11 attacks.

Howard Stern callers between 9/11/2001 and 9/13/2001.


New York Post report about journalist censorship and having footage deleted/destroyed is also confirmed by an independent notice from the Committee to Protect Journalists. READ HERE


Dan Rather, who was then anchoring the CBS Evening News, tells David Letterman of reports of witnesses who saw Muslims on rooftops celebrating.

Between the contemporaneous reports above and these eyewitnesses that have come out in the wake of the DC Media attempting to bury Trump,  there is now no question that some number of American Muslims celebrated 9/11.


Here is more video proof of Muslim’s celebrating the 911 attack. Also FBI information backing Trump’s assertion that infiltrations of New Jersey Muslims were involved and celebrating which was reported in print and verbally on the news, repeatedly.

Now, consider that they were playing these clips a LOT on 9/11 and subsequent days. At the same time, the news anchors may have been reading the news stories that Donald Trump read from last night. If you saw the videos above, and heard news anchors talking about rumors of celebrations in New Jersey… doesn’t it make sense that a person might remember that as being one and the same thing?


This appeared in a New York Post editorial written by Fred Siegel on September 14, 2001:

Here in New York, it was easy to get angry listening to Egyptians, Palestinians and the Arabs of nearby Paterson, N.J., celebrate as they received word of the murderous attack in New York and Washington. But Mayor Giuliani (who has been tireless and magnificent in this crisis) rightly warned New Yorker-ers that is would be wrong to take their anger our on the city’s Arab and Muslim residents. Attacks on Arab-Americans in Paterson or elsewhere are utterly indefensible.

Officer Witnessed Dancing On Roofs

DJ Lewis @umpire43

“Can’t work anymore today. Big accidents at W.T.C. People jumping off Tower. People here dancing on Rooftops. UNREAL.”


Matthew H. Rudd, an attorney, said he left the courthouse in Paterson midday three days after the attacks and saw “half a dozen cars full of young Arabic-looking men drove by blaring Arabic music and cheering loudly. I do not have any recordings or photos, but I can tell you that it was a very disturbing and unsettling sight.”

Ford Motor Company finally won a suit by a former employee, Arab Muslim Saleem Shariff, who cheered the 9/11 attacks and high-fived fellow Arab Muslim employees on the day of the attacks.  Three others–Khalid Ali Alward, Abdul Mohamed, and Saleh Mohamed Omar–also Arab Muslims, participated and did the same thing:  they cheered and high-fived the 9/11 attacks.  And they all sued when they were not hired for permanent employment, but only Shariff appealed after losing at the trial court level.  The Michigan Court of Appeals, in an unpublished decision you can read here), decided in Ford’s favor.

This case is yet another refutation of the mainstream media claim that Muslims in America didn’t cheer the 9/11 attacks and were upset like every other group of Americans.  That simply wasn’t the case.  And Saleem Shariff and his three buddies weren’t the only Muslim U.S. residents (AINOs–Americans in Name Only; pronounced:  “Ay-Nuhss”) who celebrated the mass murder of thousands of Americans.

So, yes, Donald Trump was wrong about the location and number (he said “thousands”) of Muslims who cheered the 9/11 attacks there, but that’s just logistics. He was definitely right about Muslims applauding 9/11 on U.S. soil, and it happened all over the place. The location is a distinction without a difference.

Whether or not the Muslims who cheered the 9/11 attacks were in Jersey City, New Jersey or in a Ford Motor Company factory or school in Dearborn, Michigan?


Below is a video of Jersey area Muslims outside a mosque.


Muslims also started referring to the hijackers as the Magnificent 19:



The FBI investigation into the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon has led agents back to a familiar area: northern New Jersey.

It was there, in Jersey City, just across the Hudson River from Manhattan, that a Muslim cell plotted the 1993 bombing of the twin towers and sought to destroy other New York landmarks as part of an urban guerrilla war against the United States.

It is believed that 13 of those detained by federal authorities for questioning in its probe into the worst terrorist act in U.S. history are from northeastern New Jersey, some from the same Journal Square area where suspects in the 1993 bombing lived.

Teams of agents have also conducted myriad interviews and seized computer and paper records at apartment buildings, businesses, hotels and motels in at least 10 towns and cities in northern New Jersey — from Weehawken to Wayne, and Fort Lee to Florham Park. Furthermore, FBI teams and state troopers have done the same at several flight training schools and charter businesses at small airports in the area, including the Morristown and Teeterboro airports.

Law enforcement officials said northeastern New Jersey could be potentially fertile ground as 4,000 FBI special agents search for accomplices, associates and ultimately further clues about last Tuesday’s devastating terrorist strikes against symbols of American financial and military might.

In October 1995, Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, an Egyptian cleric who delivered fiery sermons at a run-down mosque in Jersey City, was convicted of directing the conspiracy to blow up the United Nations, an FBI building, and three bridges and tunnels linking New York and New Jersey. He was also convicted of being part of a plot to kill Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Sayyid Nosair of Jersey City and Cliffside Park was also charged in the 1990 killing of Rabbi Meir Kahane in Manhattan. The Kahane murder was the beginning of a series of militant acts by the Muslim cell that was encouraged by Abdel-Rahman, the group’s spiritual leader.

One such act was the Feb. 26, 1993 World Trade Center bombing, which killed six people, injured more than 1,000 and inflicted $500 million worth of damage.

“The area in and around Jersey City has provided individuals in the past who were bent on terrorism. So I am sure that area is of great interest to investigators right now,” said James K. Kallstrom, the former head of the FBI’s New York office. “They are not knocking down any straw men at this point. I think now is the time when the broad spectrum of possibilities has to be looked at.”

In Jersey City, within hours of two jetliners’ plowing into the World Trade Center, law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river.

Over the weekend, authorities raided a small apartment building in Jersey City to search an apartment rented by two men who were detained in Texas on Wednesday, on possible immigration violations. Mohammed Jaweed Azmath, 47, and Ayub Ali Khan, 51, both from India, were taken into custody Wednesday on an Amtrak train in Texas, carrying $5,000 in cash, hair dye and box cutter knives — weapons said to have been used by the hijackers. During the raids in Jersey City, authorities detained a third man, Abdoul Salam Achou, 37, whose visa application allegedly expired on Sept. 1.

Investigators also detained three men in Elizabeth, N.J., who were carrying a large amount of cash and a one-way ticket to Syria. The three men, Ahmad Kilfat, 45, Mohammad Mahmoud Al Raqqad, 37, and Nicholas Makrakis, 27, were in a red Pontiac that matched an FBI description of a vehicle connected with the attacks.

Yemina Barbosa, 46, who lives across the street from the three-story apartment house on Tulip Street in Passaic, N.J. — a mostly black and Latino neighborhood where Kilfat and Al Raqqad were thought to live — said expensive, “sporty” cars would often park in front of the house.

Neighbors said a car that they believed belongs to the two men was towed tonight from in front of the apartment house, after the vehicle was examined by a bomb squad.

The fact remains that Jersey City is a hotbed of Islamic Jihadist activity (many of the terrorists involved in 9/11 lived there), and the fact remains that there are enemies in our nation already, which was the point Trump had been trying to make before critics started attacking his memory.

People are arguing falsely that the fact that only 8 suspects were apprehended contradicts the “swarm” claim. Read it again. An “investigator” told CBS about the “swarm.” The fact that a certain number were brought into custody does not change the fact that there was a “swarm.”  The obvious impression is that of the “swarm,” only eight were brought into custody. Eight people do not swarm on all those rooftops. They “gather.” Look at the video of the rooftop and picture “swarming.” 

You want to get into semantics about how many people make up a swarm?

But that’s not all.

You have to add up all of the contemporaneous news reports. You are Donald Trump. You are taking in all the news during that awful week. You are told by the media that “swarms” of Muslims in a known terrorist’s neighborhood were seen on rooftops celebrating 9/11. Just two days earlier you have read this in the New York Post:

Here in New York, it was easy to get angry listening to Egyptians, Palestinians and the Arabs of nearby Paterson, N.J., celebrate as they received word of the murderous attack in New York and Washington. But Mayor Giuliani (who has been tireless and magnificent in this crisis) rightly warned New Yorker-ers that is would be wrong to take their anger our on the city’s Arab and Muslim residents. Attacks on Arab-Americans in Paterson or elsewhere are utterly indefensible.

You hear radio news reports about Muslims celebrations.

MTV runs a news report about Muslim celebrations.

From all of those news reports, it is perfectly reasonable and nothing close to lying to put together a picture of “thousands”.

FACT: Donald Trump is now 100% vindicated.

If these celebrations did not occur, the only thing Trump did wrong was to believe the same media that is now calling him a liar — and doing so to cover up the truth about American Muslims celebrating 9/11 and their own covering up of that fact.

It happened.

And for 14 years the DC Media covered this crucially important story up.

And now, thanks to Donald Trump, we know the truth.

The DC Media, however, lied for 14 years and continues to lie today.

It’s time to move on from this controversy, and head into the primaries ready to elect the man best prepared to be President of the United States. My vote is with the man who remembers the wrongs done against us, who wants to see justice served.

Source:  The Washington Post et al.

The Real Sharona, You Won’t Believe What She’s Doing Now!

The Knack’s 1979 rock hit came along at a perfect time, after a decade of mostly soft rock and disco. It had the beat, it had the hook and quickly it became the uncurable earworm, before we even knew what an earworm was.

Today’s the band’s name often appears in lists of “one-hit wonders” but the story behind the muse who inspired the song is quite interesting.


Sharona Alperin is currently a Los Angeles real estate agent and inspired the hit when she was just 17 and joined the list of music-inspiring women named, Peggy-Sue, Donna, Barbara Ann, Michelle, Sara and so on.

Sharona met The Knack’s lead singer/guitarist Doug Fieger, when she was a student at LA’s Fairfax High School. She recalls he had a visible physical reaction to her and soon invited her to band gigs and eventually to a cafe where he confessed his love for her. She told him he was crazy because he had been with someone for 9 years and she was in love with her boyfriend. Fieger, 11 years her senior, persisted.

The obsessed Fieger began singing her name, including to a guitar riff the band was hanging on to and trying to turn into a song. Musically, the rest is history.

Personally, the 2 eventually got together and Sharona traveled the world with The Knack, appearing on the cover of the band’s Sharona single 45 rpm record. The romance lasted until she was 21 but they remained friends. Fieger died of cancer in 2010. Sharona was at his bedside and was on stage to speak with family and friends at Fieger’s House of Blues funeral. Her website is MySharona.com.


This week the song is 35 years old.

Today when Alperin meets new people and clients about half will say “MY Sharona” out loud. She shares her story with them and often gets their story of hearing the song and associated memories of the day.

There was a point back in the day when I just couldn’t hear the song anymore. Today it’s great to hear the song once in a while, and greater now that I know the back story.




Christie Brinkley, 64 Years Young, Shares Bikini Photos With The World!

Christie Brinkley posted photos to Instagram last week of herself and her family, who made the Caribbean trip to attend a wedding. Multiple outlets commented positively on Brinkley’s physique.

Christie stripped down to a Bikini as she enjoyed some fun in the sun on vacation with family.

In photos she shared on Instagram, the model, 61, documents her exotic beach getaway, sharing enviable images of the surf, sand and her amazing physique.










Some Oldies, but  goodies!