The Acceleration Was More Than She Could Handle – Stiffness Test


Ride along videos can be nearly as enjoyable to watch as it would be to actually be the one taking the ride along, especially when the person getting to ride shotgun happens to be well, lets call her an actress of various “performance art” pieces. These people have thrown young August here in a variety of cars to test their “stiffness” as they speed along hitting turns and getting quick acceleration.

We put a few super and hyper cars head to head for you to compare which one rides the hardest.

1. Pagani Huayra
2. SRT Viper
3. Lexus LFA
4. Hellcat Challenger
5. Porsche 918 Spyder

Which do you prefer?


One comment

  1. Kendall · November 19, 2015

    If she wants, I’ve got a mattress she can try. With a “pogo stick” she could test.


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