ISIS Suitcase Nukes May Be Coming To a City Near You!

ISIS has claimed it is ‘infinitely’ closer to buying a nuclear bomb from Pakistan and smuggling it into the US.
“The nuclear threat did not disappear when the Cold War ended. Instead it fractured and morphed into new 21st century forms which have kept the nuclear clock set close to midnight. From disposing of old nuclear weapons to building new uranium enrichment facilities, from the protocols of “mutually assured destruction” to the image of the “suitcase bomb,” Matthew Bunn examines the various sources of nuclear threat today and explores means of containing and controlling them.
During the Soviet Union collapse, summer 1991, there was a temporary lapse of security at several weapon depots, including 84 suitcase nukes. The fear is that these weapons were sold on the black market and could now be in the hands of those that would use the weapons to commit acts of terror.
Which nation states pose the greatest nuclear danger? What role do non-state actors play in the current landscape of nuclear threat? How are domestic and international governing bodies addressing these new nuclear threats? What role can concerned citizens play in preventing nuclear catastrophe today?”
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To make a primitive device, a terrorist would need at least fifty pounds of highly enriched uranium. As of November, law-enforcement officials across Europe had seized twenty-six pounds in the past eight years. But using drug-war logic, we can presume those seizures represent a small portion of the total market -perhaps 10 percent. A terrorist organization could also obtain a dozen or more loose warheads-as Al Qaeda was reported to have done in Central Asia a few years back, using cash and opium for payment. Those warheads could then be converted into usable chunks of fuel. And, according to former CIA senior analyst Peter Pry, getting the fissile material is the hard part in the quest to obtain a nuclear device. “Once you have a supercritical mass of uranium,” says Pry, “a monkey with a sledgehammer could set it off.”


Any nation, including a non nuclear nation, can acquire a nuclear bomb that is small enough to fit inside of a suitcase. How can that happen? One scenario is that someone is not very ethical and has control of a number of nuclear suitcase bombs, sells one to someone who is offering a LOT of money. Do you think this can’t happen?

Did it surprise you to learn that Russia is missing quite a number of nuclear suitcase bombs? Where did those bombs go? Who owns them now?

US Navy training film produced by Sandia National Laboratories.

What this small 50 pound nuclear weapon did was increase the risk of all out nuclear war. It also increases the risk that some rogue nuclear nation or terrorist will get their hands on it somehow. Even if a small nuclear weapon like this is used, the risk is that it triggers a larger full scale nuclear war, so it cannot really be used, unless one believes in a first strike theory.


Students or adults can play with different nuclear bombs and see what happens if a nuclear bomb hits your town;

In the later 1990’s Australian television aired a documentary that showed of 132 “one kiloton” suitcase nuclear weapons Russia had, only 48 were accountable. That meant 84 nuclear suitcase bombs are ‘out there’ some where. U.S Congressman Curt Weldon is shown in the clip heading the search for the very portable missing 84 nuclear weapons.


There is no security system in the world that can prevent either a dirty bomb or a suitcase nuclear bomb from coming into a city and then being set off.


Could a false flag attack on the US be completed successfully using a US nuclear bomb stolen and shipped illegally across the country? Is it possible that the US just dodged a false flag ‘nuke attack’, from within? Dr. Savage uses his flamethrower syndicated radio talk show to cover the “unsigned for nuclear device” that left a Air Force base in Texas slated to go to South Carolina. In this segment, Savage does a amazing interview with Anthony Gucciardi from The media site that broke the NUKE story. F.Y.I The savage nation moves to drive time in January , The way I see it, is this….The people are hungry for the truth, and when they hear it, it has a certain ring to it, People are bored of the water carriers…period.


Want a nuke? Got money? Just buy one on the black market…

With time, things get lax and procedures are not followed. Corruption grows, as people quit focusing on details. How many nuclear missiles are left? Well, approximately 20 or 40 or so…
Who cares?

The mass media has no clue about what is really going on in the world. They refuse to cover real threats or real risks, such as the one posed by nuclear bombs, nuclear reactors, dirty bombs, and mini nukes in suitcases. They barely cover news such as nuclear crews and generals either getting too lax or corrupt  and/or allowing nuclear bombs to get out of the control the military chain of command.

But the Russians weren’t the only ones experimenting with such weaponry…

US Navy SEALS Were Trained to Use ‘Backpack Nukes’ As A Nuclear First Strike Option..

Skiing down a mountain and into a battlefield with a nuclear bomb strapped to your back seems like something you’d see only in a James Bond movie, but that’s just one of the things the US elite military personnel were trained to do during the Cold War.

In a detailed report by Foreign Policy, the publication chronicles the creation of the Special Atomic Demolition Munition (SAMD), a portable nuclear weapon that could be carried into battlefield by a single solider. During the Cold War’s final 25 years, Navy SEALs and Army Special Forces were trained to carry these “backpack nukes” beyond enemy lines where, if necessary, they’d be used to destroy valuable infrastructure and keep opposing forces at bay.

SEAL-BackpackConcerned with the Soviet Union’s military advantage over the United States and its allies in terms of manpower and traditional weaponry, President Dwight Eisenhower looked to enhancing the country’s nuclear capabilities as a way to level the playing field. His “New Look” strategy, however, promised “massive retaliation” to any form of aggression by the Soviet Union – a bold strategy that in reality left the US with little room to maneuver.

“In the event that communist forces launched a limited, non-nuclear attack, the president would have to choose between defeat at the hands of a superior conventional force or a staggeringly disproportionate (and potentially suicidal) strategic nuclear exchange that would kill hundreds of millions of people,” the report stated.

In an attempt to develop targeted nuclear weapons that wouldn’t cause as many casualties, the SAMD was born. Often strapped to a soldier’s back, the 58-pound bomb made it difficult for soldiers to maneuver through a war zone, and those chosen to carry the device – known as the “Green Light” teams – underwent extensive training to ensure they could deliver the bomb, even at the expense of their own lives.

US Navy training film produced by Sandia National Laboratories.

“I think that my first reaction was that I didn’t believe it,” former Green Light member Ken Richter told Foreign Policy. “Because everything that I’d seen prior to that, World War II, showed this huge weapon. And we were going to put it on our backs and carry it? I thought they were joking.”

More powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, though, the SAMD was no laughing matter. US forces would be subjected to eight to 12 hours of training a day when it came to using the device, and in some cases troops would parachute out of planes with the SAMD dangling below them in a protective case, dive underwater with it in a pressurized case, or, yes, ski down a mountain with bomb attached to them. 

H-912 transport container for Mk-54 SADM. >

“I had a lot of people that I interviewed for our team,” Richter recalled. “Once they found out what the mission was, they said, ‘No, thanks. I’d rather go back to Vietnam.’ “


Fortunately, these weapons were never actually used. US allies were not particularly fond of the idea of detonating numerous nuclear devices across their countries, while others within the American military questioned the whole enterprise.

“In our hearts, we knew nobody was going to give control of these to a bunch of big old boys running around the countryside,” Tom Davis, another Green Light member, told Foreign Policy. “We just didn’t believe it was ever going to happen.” 

The SADM program was “officially” halted in 1989, after the Defense and Energy departments found it to be “obsolete.”


Yeah, right!

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