Ben Carson Claims His Mannatech Supplement Magically Cured His Cancer – VIDEO

Even as Dr. Ben Carson touts his medical expertise as a qualification in his candidacy for President, he’s stuck having to explain why he once claimed that his prostate cancer had been cured by a junk science supplement consisting of aloe vera and tree bark. Carson, who has rejected most modern scientific principles during his campaign as he’s rejected climate change and other basics, has been caught on video making the claims as part of a pyramid scheme promoting the supplement – even as he denied any connection during the third republican debate.

In what might be the strangest story yet about the seemingly strangest candidate in the 2016 race, YouTube footage has surfaced from 2004 in which Ben Carson tells a group of sales associates for a dietary supplement called Mannatech that after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he began taking the supplement and “within about three weeks my symptoms went away.” It must not have worked that well, as Carson later had surgery to remove the cancer.

It should be pointed out that Carson is a retired medical doctor and brain surgeon, and would seemingly be the last Presidential candidate to be willing to participate in such a junk-medicine pyramid scheme. However the video in question plays up his doctor credentials as a way of giving credence to the supplement in question. Watch the video of Ben Carson claiming that tree bark cured his cancer here:

More details are in the Wall Street Journal story.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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