They Put Out Halloween Candy On The Honor System. What Did Hidden Camera Catch? 

Sadly, in recent years we have become accustomed to hearing terrible stories that occur on Halloween night. Tales of tainted candy being handed out or the dangerous antics of kids, which spoil this night that everyone looks forward to. One family at the trick or treating home in the following footage, had to be away last night.

Generously they left a nice amount of full-sized candy bars on their porch for trick or treaters, with a note, “Help yourself but be considerate!” They hoped that kids would follow the admonition of their note. Having a camera focused on the bench that held the candy, they figured that when watching the video after they came home, they’d probably witness a group of kids who hoarded the candy.

Surprisingly, they were wrong. Group after group of courteous kids took an appropriate amount of candy and went on their way. Happy to see this,
they were about to turn the video off when they saw the next to the last people arrive at their doorstep. In disbelief they decided to post this
for us all to see. You will literally not believe your eyes!


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