Muslims Are Demanding That Clint Eastwood Back Down – Yeah, right!

Once again the “religion of peace” is up in arms for some apparent slight, this time over the movie “American Sniper.”

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) President Sameer Khalaf, who has never seen the movie, says it is the cause of an uptick in threats toward Muslims in America, mostly on social media.

Sameer Khalaf, President of American-Arab Anti-Discrimination declared that America Sniper is igniting hate against Muslims in America.

Khalaf is demanding a public statement by both Director Clint Eastwood and star Bradley Cooper need to send a message saying: “Arabs are Americans and Muslims are Americans.”
Apparently Mr. Khalaf feels that the movie is an inaccurate presentation of radical Muslim sentiments.
Mr. Khalaf makes no mention of the fact that every time one turns on a television there is another terrorist attack committed by a radical Muslim in the name of Islam.

Recently in France a dozen people were killed at satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo by radical Muslims in broad daylight.

 The fact that there has been a rise in hostility towards the Muslim community in America is more likely due to the actions carried out by Muslim extremists, rather than the actions of Hollywood.

The ADC said that it is working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and local police to access the threats.

“American Sniper” tells the story of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, who served four tours in Iraq and is credited with the most kills by any sniper in U.S. history.

In the movie, as well as his autobiography, Kyle refers to much of the population of Iraq as “savages.” (H/T


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