Game over? “Invincible” Trump at 51% in New Poll – But, NEVER LET UP!

Donald Trump is now unstoppable, he has 51% of the vote counting 2nd chances and choices, which means if candidates start dropping out soon, as they are likely to do as their supporters face the difficult task of defending someone doing so poorly in the polls, they will gravitate to Trump.

Trump’s campaign is now considered by many insiders to be “unstoppable” and the outcry for others to bow out is becoming deafening.
Trump would gain all of Ted Cruz’s support if Cruz were to drop out, almost all of Carson’s support, though Jeb and Rubio share supporters. Jeb and Rubio, combined, however, equal only 10% of the vote, which is hardly a drop in the water compared to Donald.

But never quit talking him to potential voters, and FOR GOD’S SAKE, EVERYONE GET OUT AND VOTE, Primary and General Elections!


Source: Game over: “Invincible” Trump at 51%


  1. Carl Glover · October 24, 2015

    Donald Trump is the greatest! He is going on and will win and get rid of those ugly, hateful, lying, evil democrats. Hilary should concede and go to bed and get a good rest. She looks very tired. It is a hard job lying all day and defending Barry Obama and his muslim oriented crap in his bid to destroy the USA.


    • Kevin Hunt · October 26, 2015

      ugly, hateful, lying, evil, muslim oriented crap? Carl, you are such a drama queen. There is no significant difference between the mainstream Republicans and Democrats. They both are owned by corporations. Spare us the partisan rhetoric.


  2. Lorraine Holmes · October 24, 2015

    Donald J. Trump is a true patriot. He loves our country. He has the skills, he is smart and a very savvy negotiator and businessman. He doesn’t need the job. He wants the job of fixing the mess we are in. I am voting for Mr. Trump. God bless him and America.


  3. Gladys Mont'Ros · October 25, 2015

    HILLARY CLINTON SHOULD GO AND ACCORDING TO THE NEWS GETTING A GOOD REST TO GO TO PRISON, I THINK IT IS TO MINE 10 YEARS FOR EACH AN AMERICAN DIE SHE SHOULD PAY A LIST 10 YEARS IN PRISON 40 YEARS ALL TOGETHER, now her housband Clinton say she were distroye a lot paper and in the also in the news Radix news saying information Claim Hillary Conspiracy Begon in State Dept An insider revels that Hillary had her staff shred thousand of documents that WOULD THREATEN HER RUN FOR THE WHITE HOUSE


  4. Brandi · October 25, 2015

    The Bushs and Clintons have over stayed their welcome in government. Time for a whole new gov. from top to bottom. Donald Trump is the best qualified person for the job, he already knows the heads of other countries, has had dealings with them thru his other businesses, has an IQ of 165 which is considered genius, has the experience to lead,gets the job done right and is a man of action, not all talk. Hillary needs to get out of Politics she is believing and swearing to her own lies anymore and that is not good for America or her. Trump all the way to the white house in 2016.


  5. Brandi · October 25, 2015



  6. Duncan Chapman · October 26, 2015

    Trump needs to work on his personality. Especially towards women.


  7. Sandra W. Dowler · October 26, 2015

    Donald Trump is an AMERICAN PATRIOT!!! He loves our country and will do whatever is needed to “Make America Great Again”! We all know that he is a great BUSINESSMAN who knows how to delegate his people to do what is necessary for success. As President, with the RIGHT choices of his cabinet, he can delegate them where they are most needed for the benefit of America. ONE MAN can’t do it all, but with a great TEAM, the sky is the limit!!! I expect this type of administration from Trump!! Give Donald Trump your support and your VOTE for President 2016. He IS “THE MAN FOR THE JOB”!!


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