Obama Sends More American Jobs Overseas, Trump Fires Back HARD! 


Obama, your days are numbered. Trump, so are yours, but on the way to the White House!

The Donald has gone on record churning out another news worthy quote, but this time it’s not just a snippet that the liberal media will twist into something that makes him look weaker or bombastic in any way.

This time, Trump tackles a hard issue and it’s resonating throughout the conservative world.What is he speaking about specifically? It’s the Trans Pacific Partnership deal that Obama just made with 12 Pacific rim countries.

And it’s putting American jobs at risk.

The incompetence and dishonesty of the President, his administration and—perhaps most disturbing—the Congress of the United States are about to place American jobs and the very livelihoods of Americans at risk,’ Trump tells Breitbart News in an exclusive statement reacting to the news that the president and his negotiators have wrapped the highly secretive they have been negotiating for the past several years on Monday morning.

‘The only entities to benefit from this trade deal will be other countries, particularly China and Japan, and big corporations in America.’

He goes on. ‘If this was such a good deal, why was there not more transparency?’

Couldn’t agree more.  So what should we do about it Mr. Trump?

‘It’s time for leadership in Washington,’ Trump said. ‘It’s time to elect a President who will represent the only special interest not getting any attention—The American People. It’s time to send a real businessman to the White House. It’s time to Make America Great Again.’

This is the kind of speaking and forceful leadership this country needs.

Source: When Obama Sends American Jobs Overseas, Trump Fires Back HARD! WHOA! | Yes I’m Right.


  1. R.KRUTUL · October 11, 2015

    what atr the specific terms of this deal


  2. Linda Lee Reyes · October 12, 2015

    He is very frustrated watching the Politics “As Usual” roll out of WH! Don’t think I could watch it either!


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