Gene Simmons Daughter Wants All Of Us To See All Of Her!

I thought I knew pretty much everything important about Gene Simmons, but then I learned that he has a hot daughter; a very hot daughter who enjoys posting hot pictures of herself, including one of her totally naked.

Meet Gene’s daughter, Sophie:

Sophie Tweed-Simmons is a 23-year-old model, musician and designer.

Here is her X-Factor audition appearance at 19 in 2012 with Dad Simmons watching…

The brunette beauty, 23, is also making a bid to eclipse her dad’s musical career having just released her debut single Kiss Me.

She’s also a fan of posting pictures that will make the rest of us “Rock and Roll All Night.”

Sophie wanted to share a naked picture of herself so we wouldn’t have to Google it and leave an Internet footprint where everyone will forever know how much of a pervert we are.

Here is the one you came here for, via her Instagram:

She promises to be more revealing in the future, keep up with this developing story at

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