A Halloween Whopper and Green Poop couples’ costume!

There are a lot of ways couples can gross people out, like finishing each other’s sentences and PDA. And then there’s going as a black Whopper and green poop as a Halloween couple’s costume, which is now easier than ever.

For those blissfully unaware, Burger King is offering a special Halloween whopper featuring a black bun for the month of October, and it turns your poop bright green for some horrifying reason.


The monsters at HalloweenCostumes.com have done what no one asked for and turned it into a costume.You can go as sexy green poop solo if you want to turn heads.

It also makes a great couples costume for couples who are clearly way too comfortable with each other and should probably break up. IMAGE:



But wait! There’s a third and somehow worse option. Bring along the Burger King himself as a creepy third wheel.



Now take a second to determine if you can even remember what it’s like to feel joy.


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Source: A Halloween Whopper and green poop couples’ costume

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