Black and white photos of 20-year-old Angelina Jolie on sale in London $2750 each!

Two stunning black and white photos of a 20-year-old Angelina Jolie are going on sale in London.

The rare images, which were taken by Kate Garner in 1995, will be displayed at theZebra One Gallery in Hampstead.

The young star has her legs tied together in the pictures, having struck the S&M-like pose with no direction from the photographer.

Speaking about the pictures, Garner said: “Angelina explored different poses without much direction from me, including tying her legs together for what would become one of the most unique shots of her to ever be taken.

“She wasn’t afraid to experiment and be creative, which made for some absolutely beautiful photos.”

The photographer went on to say: “I liked Angelina a lot, although it was a very conservative shoot… She was quiet and incredibly intense, but she was also very gentle and extremely creative.”
The gallery will sell 50 prints of each of the photographs, each priced at £1,800. ($2750 usd!)



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