About this place, about us, about them…

They are the Monster…

We Are The Mutants Of The Monster!

“When you’ve been granted
The Privilege of being heard
Take great care with this power and
Watch every word.
For when you know someone’s listening
Your words can mean a great deal.
They can be the key to magic thoughts
Having never been revealed.”

Words to live by, by Jim Dandy and Black Oak Arkansas, personal friends of mine. Yes, I’m that old! 

The time has come for us all to seek out the truth, and topple the oppressors, the One World Order. the Deep Government. Together we can do that, and that is what scares them, makes them even more dangerous. They are a Monster.

And that is what created us, we are Mutants of that Monster.

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I only hope that my many years in this world, and my visions can help us reach that goal… AMERICA FIRST!

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A couple years ago I lost my longtime job, (21 YEARS) due to Obamacare and health issues, so it is getting difficult to spend the time and money involved in doing this, but I don’t want to give it up. 

URGENT UPDATE:  I have a cash flow crisis. Almost lost my medical coverage tomorrow, one day before my amputation, but I just managed to scrape it up in time. Cleaning out the furniture looking for change for more Ramen, seriously!

I think I negotiated my $19,500 owed out-of-pocket medical bill in Topeka down to owing only 5%, but because I haven’t been able to work for 4 months I’ve been robbing Peter to pay Paul to keep my medical coverage. My credit is maxed! Plus the last four months I’ve been having daily treatments that required driving 25, 45, or 145 miles a day, 5 to 7 times a week. Insurance doesn’t pay for gasoline!

Now I have, coming up, the Below Knee Anputation, prosthetics, therapy and all that follows it this Friday. (8/31/2018)

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Thank you, in advance!

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